VZ Family Round Up September

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Here’s the latest round of updates from across the VZ Family network.


Welcome new members!

This month we have accepted a couple of artists including Birmingham doom outfit Alunah (pictured) who will be releasing their brand new album ‘Violet Hour’ on the 11th of October. We are also happy to welcome Luke Appleton who performs with power metal legends Iced Earth, as well as artists such as Absolva and Blaze Bailey. Last but not least is Tigress who have recently toured with the likes of Bring Me The Horzion and will be heading out again fairly soon!

Aonia Fest

It’s always good to talk about festivals, however we’ve reserved a special place for these two as they not only have VZ artists peroforming, but are actually ran by the artists themselves!

Named after the band organising it, the festival Aonia has returned for a third year. This year’s festival coincidentally falls on the one year anniversary of their debut album ‘Seven’. In keeping with the album’s title, the festival will feature seven artists including Aonia (Obviously), Chasing Dragons, Lesbian Bed Death, White Raven Down, Winterstorm, Soul Shredder and Elusion.

Tickets are available at this link: https://www.corporation.org.uk/gig/2353/Aonia+Fest+III+at+Corporation+on+5+October+2019


Music Makers Festival

Music Makers Festival is organised and curated with love by London-based musician Albert Man and his manager Manoja Ullmann. The festival celebrates fellow musicians that the team have had the pleasure of getting to know over the years, during their time in the business.

Music Makers is a 2-day London-based independent music festival, now in its 3rd year. It’ll be taking place at The Half Moon, in the heart of Putney, on October 5th & 6th 2019.

As always, the festival celebrates fellow singer-songwriters from across the UK and Ireland with 14 artists/bands playing a multitude of genres over 2 days with 7 unique performances each day. The format is the same as last year – each artist is interviewed directly after their set at ‘Music Makers Corner’. This creates a real buzz in the venue and allows fans to get even closer to the artists.

The festival has quickly become a ‘must-attend’ event to see up-and-coming singer-songwriters and bands, with one festival goer flying in via private helicopter for last year’s event. It has also been championed by BBC London and London Live. Previous year’s have included performances from Michele Stodart (The Magic Numbers) and guest appearances from Gavin James.

Power Metal Quest Fest

This year in the heart of Birmingfham is a festival celebrating some of the best independent talent in the power, progressive and Heavy metal scene in the UK!

Ran by our very own family members Dakesis, we are expecting a fantastic day for all fans, both rookie and veterans alike!

This year sees artists such as Luke Appleton (member of power metal bands such as Absolva and Iced Earth), Control The Storm, Primiati, Forlorn Hope, Memories Of Old, Ancient Barbs and last but not least of course the hosts of the festival!


In Other News…

Once again multiple VZ artists have been honing their crafts to release plenty of new tracks, whether that be an EP hinting of upcoming material or a full brand new album. We’ve also got some pretty incredible announcements including tours and festivals!

Chez Kane, the lead singer of Kane’d will be releasing her debut Single ‘Torn’. This is what she had to say about the single:

“The inspiration for this song came from losing touch with myself & the music industry. Music has always been the driving force of my life and when I all of a sudden lost my way & direction, not only in music, but personally as well, I pretty much hit rock bottom. I eventually managed to start making healthy changes and was slowly able to start writing again. That’s when I wrote ‘Torn’. It’s emotional, dark & real!”. ‘Torn’ will be released on October the 4th.

Cursed Sun released their brand new music video for ‘MDK 187’, which hints of a new saga to be revealed. Think of MDK 187 as a song of revenge and retribution. Where is the justice? Should we take matters into our own hands? ….. welcome to the purge!

Behind Blue Eyes have released their brand new music video for ‘Lie To Me’. We caught up with lead singer Stone Behadzi. Here’s what he had to say about the new single. “Lie To Me addresses the various thoughts and feelings that I experienced whilst watching someone that I care about move on in life without me. My emotions went from frustration and jealousy to helplessness and regret, without ever reaching the point of acceptance of the situation. I chose to be very literal and ‘to the point’ with this song because I know that many people will be able to relate, as it’s something almost everyone goes through at some point. But this is my experience”

The Crawling will be releasing their brand new single ‘Still No Sun’ on the 23rd of September. “The urge to belong can be overwhelming, and we often sacrifice parts of ourselves to be with others. Still No Sun explores the failing of relations through the eyes of one who knows it should end, despite the desperate urge to remain. The unearthing feelings of loneliness, and haunting images of a life in solitude can be blinding when it comes to logical thought. I often wonder if it is genuinely possible to deceive yourself completely, or is there always a part that knows, and is the relief of seperation worth it?”

Slave Steel recently released their brand new music video for ‘Ogre Cage’. Lead singer Paolo Nazzari had this to say about the new single. Ogre Cage represents growing up from the innocence of a hopeful kid to the experience of a deluded adult. The fake values of society, the objects of desire feed a man who mutates into a dreadful beast. The human shape is only a mask to hide the monster growing inside, ever and eventually becoming our most real self.”

Australian country artist Angus Gill has just released his brand new album ‘Welcome To My Heart’. As you might expect, the record is best described as the simple honest truth. Angus says he’s been digging deep, looking at where he’s  come from and how his origins have influenced his journey. He says “Sonically I’ve expanded my musical palette by incorporating world music and folk music influences into my country sound. It’s added a level of uniqueness and freshness to the record, I’ve always tried to make music that shows my distinctive and authentic self. The theme of home and family ties the 16 tracks together, that I co-wrote in Nashville with hit songwriters Terry McBride (Reba McEntire, Brooks & Dunn), Byron Hill (George Strait) and others.”

Symphonic metal band Serenity (who feature VZ Family member Fabio D’amore) have announced that in April 2020 they will be going on the Symphonc Power Allaince Tour as the headline act, just two months after going on tour with RAGE.

Also in the same vein, Michele Guaitoli (Lead male vocals of Temperance) will be heading back on tour with Visions Of Atlantis as they announced that they will be supported by Edenbridge, only a couple of months after their tour with Freedom Call.

Cabin Boy Jumped Ship have announced that they will be supporting The Devil Wears Prada for their Russian tour in both St Petersburg and Moscow this November.

Our Hollow Our Home have also announced that next year they will be heading to Resurrection Festival in Spain for its 15th Anniversary. Icons including Judas Preist, Korn and System Of A Down will be headlining!

The award winning Drum n Bass legend AC MC has teamed up with both MC Fury and DJ Major to release a brand new mixtape ‘Nighthawkes’. If you haven’t checked it out yet visit his page to find out more!

These Wicked Rivers released their cover of popular The Rolling Stones track ‘Gimme Shelter’.

Familliar Spirit have got their brand new single being released on the 27th of September, just in time for their tour with Confessions next month!

After finishing their mini tour at a few select venues, Death Remains will be releasing their brand new single

It seems that Monday 28 October is the night for any death metal fans in the heart of Bristol, as VZ Family members Sodomized Cadaver and Osiah are performing with Cattle Decapitation as part of their warm up gig for their upcoming tour!

After many years of performing Gardna will be finally releasing his debut album ‘A Good Time Not A Long One’ and is currently touring to showcase this long awaited piece of work. Special Guests include Kreed, Taiwan MC and VZ Family member Eva Lazarus to name a few.

Morass Of Molasses recently teamed up with the Doomed & Stoned crew for their compilation of some of the best doom England has to offer, Stoner and Sludge bands. They also recently did an exclusive interview with the crew, if you’re interested click on their band name above to watch for yourself!

Our friends Ten Ton Slug and Alunah will be performing at HRH Doom Vs Stoner with the likes of Monolord, Orange Goblin and Fireball Ministry. Also Seething Akira have been announced for HRH Goth whilst The Outlaw Orchestra performed at HRH Crows.

Griever will be touring alongside Ashes To Angels throughout October in venues all across the UK, plus in keeping with the Halloween month, you can order tickets in advance for £6.66!

This month also saw the passing of Uprising Festival where VZ family members such as Ward XVI, Fractions, Devils Playground, Alunah, Krysthla and Control The Storm performed to a sold out crowd once again!

Alternative folk artist Bruch will be at the Star Inn where she will be launching her new single ‘We Don’t Care About You’ in which she tackles issues such as the climate crisis. Joe Carabine, Bethia X Mort and Gads will also be performing.

Near the end of the month, King Creature will be perfomring at the fourth Crazy Cowboy Festival in Reading at The Facebar on the 26th.

Joanovarc are on a tour, which kicks off on Sunday 15th September at Balstock and ends with them opening the main stage of Planet Rock Stock on Friday 6th December, don’t miss out!

One of our older members of the family The Kut have announced that they are once again going out on tour for October’s ’Rock Decadium Tour 2019’, which features ten dates to celebrate a decade of performing!

This Is Turin have just been announced for next year’s Tech Fest alongside the likes of Sumer, Hacktivist, Borders, The Mechanist and many more. We are looking forward to seeing who else gets revealed over the months!

A Few Too Many will be appearing at Bands In The Sand Festival at the end of the month for its first ever year!

Click here to have a look at all of the VZ Artists!

Written by Dan Manley

Love for all things heavy, Dan is a big fan of the metal scene! Keep an eye out at your local festival, you see a man in a Vocalzone Tee, chances are it's Dan Manley! Endorsements Co-Ordinator at VZ