Cursed Sun


Cursed Sun are one of the longest existing bands on the local Northern Irish metal scene.

The musical style doesn’t really fit into one genre of metal, a bit of thrash, a bit of death, groove, metalcore with some melody thrown in for good measure.

Formed in summer 2007 jointly by Andrew “Jones” Cassidy and Bryn Boothby, they quickly recruited Jonny McCleery and Ciaran McKeever who have formed the core of a solid line up ever since. The goal was to write original material incorporating a mix of genres from progressive to thrash, a mix of brutality, speed and power but to try to incorporate melody and the unorthodox into their songs as well.

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In August 2009, Cursed Sun opened up for thrash legends Onslaught and have since received high critical acclaim with every live performance, gaining a higher fanbase throughout N Ireland’s metal community. In Nov 2009, they launched their debut EP entitled ‘As Seen Through The Eyes Of The Dead’ which they recorded at Einstein Studios in County Antrim.

Check out Cursed Sun’s awesome lyric video for ‘The Amygdala’

In June 2010 the band recorded a new EP “No Order In Existence”, again at Einstein Studios, and this was launched in August of the same year. It showcased a much heavier sound and the band had more time to spend on production. The band recruited a new drummer, Chris McMullan, in August 2010 and returned to England in November for gigs in Bristol and Cheltenham.

In October 2011 Cursed Sun began work on their first full album “Premonitions” at Einstein Studios, which was released in 2012. Bass player Bryn Boothby left in 2013 and was replaced by Matthew Montgomery. 2014 saw the release of a new 4 track EP called “The Fall and Rise”. In 2017 the band released “The Amygdala” and played Northern Ireland’s biggest music festival “Sunflowerfest”.

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“I use Vocalzone before and after practice and especially when gig day comes around. It gives me the power to perform at the best of my ability. If you want your final vocal track to sound as powerful as your opening track; whether that is performing live on-stage or recording your next album, then choose Vocalzone.”

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