Sir Tom Jones

Multi-platinum selling & award winning Singer

'I Want The Word To Get Out That Vocalzone Are The Best Throat Pastilles In The World.'

'I’ve got one in my mouth right now - they’re vocal lozenges that were made for singers. A fella put me on to them in the ’60s. When Kelly Jones came to see me in Cardiff for the first time, he saw my Vocalzones and said: “Wow, I never go anywhere without these things!” And then the singer from Kings of Leon said: “Do you use Vocalzones? I do too!"'

Kelly Jones

Lead Vocalist in Welsh Rock Band Stereophonics

Stereophonics' Kelly Jones is a long-term Vocalzone user having thanked the brand in each album's liner notes since their debut full-length release 'Word Gets Around' (1997). He was recently pictured with a Vocalzone mug at BBC Music's Biggest Weekend.

Darren Day

British Actor & Singer

'As a musical theatre performer who has done the 8-12 shows per week schedule for many years I can honestly say that without Vocalzones my understudies, over the years, would’ve had a lot more stage time! I literally never leave home without them. Little miracle pastilles!'


British Soul Collective

'Vocalzone really helps to keep the pipes clear. We love them!'

Photo By:Wayne Matlock

David Ellefson

Bassist & Backing Vocals for Megadeth

“Vocal Zone is an absolute life saver on the road and in the studio. It makes a strong voice stronger, and brings fatigued voice back time after time.  On the days when my overused voice forsakes me, Vocal Zone never fails to go and bring it back for me!”

Cristina Scabbia

Lead Vocalist in Italian Gothic Metal Band Lacuna Coil

'When I am getting ready to leave for a tour (or a recording) I ALWAYS make sure I pack few boxes of Vocalzone to take them with me. The effect they have on my voice it is unbelievable. I almost feel like I have three times air capacity in my chest while I sing and my throat doesn't get dry at all. Plus, the pastils taste good too! Highly recommended.'

Mike Markham

World Class Sports Announcer

'My voice is my livelihood and Vocalzone is a remarkable product that helps it stay healthy and crisp.'

Stevie McCrorie

The Voice UK 2015 Winner

'I have been using Vocalzone for about 7 years, they are my comfort blanket when I am singing a lot. They were beside me through The Voice and at every gig I play. It's fair to say I love them.'

Jerry Only

Vocalist & Bassist in American Horror Punk band Misfits

'Vocalzone takes the edge off and gives you confidence when your voice is battered. The Misfits perform 40-50 songs in 90 minutes... It's nonstop singing. I use a Vocalzone pastille right before we perform and it works great!'

Jack Savoretti

Acoustic Singer-Songwriter

'Everyone always asks me if I have any sort of ritual before going on-stage and I only have one… Vocalzone.'

Fidan Hajiyeva

Award Winning Azerbaijani Operatic Soloist

'Every time I had a performance I was always afraid that my voice would dry up. Discovering Vocalzone was a revelation - now I use Vocalzone every day and my voice is always ready for singing... I'm with Vocalzone forever, I want all the singers in the world to know about Vocalzone!'

Becky Blomfield

Lead Vocalist, Milk Teeth

'Vocal Zone save the day if I’m getting sick and my voice isn’t at full capacity. They are great if you’ve had something go wrong and have to go on stage at short notice with no time for a proper warm up and they really soothe your vocal chords.'

Thom Nicholas

American Actor & Musician

'Vocalzone is my secret weapon for not losing my voice on tour and in the studio! I even use it as an actor, especially for my high intensity scenes. I seriously don't know what I'd do without it.'
Photo By:Ester-Segarra

Nick Holmes

Lead Vocalist in English Gothic Metal Band Paradise Lost

'I wouldn't do a show without Vocalzone, nothing else comes close. They make a huge difference when talking in interviews, singing and even growling!'

Gabby Young

Folk-Jazz Singer

'My voice is so important in my music and Vocalzone help keep my vocal chords lubricated and soothed before and after the show.'

Jon Regen

American Singer-Songwriter

'Vocalzone throat pastilles are like an insurance policy for my music. I never leave for a show without them!'

Ian Storey

English Dramatic Operatic Tenor

'I have tried most preparations on the market, but when I discovered Vocalzone I did not need to look any further. I am usually in rehearsals more than 6 hours a day and I am never without Vocalzone in my pocket. They certainly keep my vocal zone clear.'

Carlinhos Brown

Brazilian Musician, Songwriter and Record Producer

'It was the singer Bebel Gilberto who first told me about Vocalzone. One year, during Carnival in Salvador, Brazil, I was especially tired. I don’t overuse it, but whenever I need Vocalzone, they are fantastic! It helps me get through up to 8 hours of singing, which is normally the duration of my show during Carnival.'

Heidi Baker

Singer and Public Speaker

'Vocal zone is the best thing I have ever used for my throat. As a singer and public speaker, I would not even function without it. Vocal zone is the perfect size. It is simply fantastic!'

Emma Zoldan

French Vocalist & Opera Singer

'Like all the singers, I'm always looking for the best products to help me to keep my voice clear and to protect my throat from viruses when I'm touring; I can say it's a kind of obsession 🙂 I probably tested more than a hundred different pastilles from different brands all over the world. Recently, a friend gave me the opportunity to try the Vocalzone pastilles on our last European tour, and I have to say that I have been immediately convinced. The taste is awesome and gives immediate freshness and easy-breath, the throat is perfectly lubricated and softly warmed up, and the pastilles definitely help to keep a clearer voice in case of illness or tiring. I can hardly plan to tour again without a pack of it with me 🙂 Thanks Vocalzone for this fantastic product!'

Anthony Richardson

International Voice-Over Artist

'As an International voice over artist, I have been relying on these little beauties for a long time and can honestly say they are in a class of their own. I often get requests to do either high pitched cartoon voices or extremely low film-trailer style voices - with Vocalzone, an 8 hour studio session is a piece of cake!'

Michael Ball OBE

Actor, Singer & Broadcaster

'So, I’m going to let you in on a secret. Every single concert, theatre performance and musical broadcast that I’ve done over the last 15 years has one thing in common. I have always had a vocalzone with me. It’s true. I’ve perfected the way of keeping it secreted between my cheek and gum. My throat stays lubricated, my breathing is better and my breath is fresh... great for love scenes. I simply wouldn’t want to sing without one.'

Katherine Jenkins

Multi-Award Winning Welsh Mezzo-Soprano

'I always use Vocalzones before a performance. I find they really help with the clarity of my voice.'


Grime MC & Boy Better Know Co-Founder

'I've tried so many other things for my voice, but these are all you need. I remember the first time I had a Vocalzone pastille before a show, I felt such a boost in performance and confidence.'

Julian Corrie- Franz Ferdinand

Multi award winning rock band

"I started using Vocalzone tablets about 4 years ago and they make a huge difference. Singing becomes so much freer and easier, it puts my mind at rest and I don't have to worry about vocal delivery. I don't go on stage without them"

Al Barr- Dropkick Murphys

Lead Singer in American Punk band Dropkick Murphys

‘I’ve been singing my whole life- did Choir in school, then discovered Punk music at 13. Started singing in bands at 14. My first recording I was 16. At 19 I had a cerebral haemorrhage that left me with a paralysed vocal cord (I sing with only one)!

I’ve been Dropkick Murphys’ lead vocalist for over 21 years now, and have tried every potion under the sun!!! So when I tell you that Vocalzone is the only thing that keeps my gears oiled, you best believe! The teas & the pastilles are the only things I use now! They are the best!’

Frank Turner

Award Winning Folk Rock Singer-Songwriter

'Vocalzone are a total life-saver for me - with the amount of touring I do, I really need to take care of my voice, and it's inevitable that from time to time I have rough days. Vocalzone always comes through for me on the day and lets me play the best show I can.'

Marc Almond OBE

Solo Artist & Soft Cell Frontman

'Vocalzones are an essential for every singer on tour! They have saved me many a time when my voice is tired and they have given me the temporary range and clarity I strive for. They are simply vocal magic!'

Ian Hunter - Mott the Hoople

Lead Vocalist in English Rock Band Mott The Hoople

'Many thanks for the vocal Zones. I found these quite by accident many years ago and have used them constantly on stage and off while touring. It comes as somewhat of a surprise to find out I'm not alone!

It's all marketing these days - nothing really works, so it's refreshing to find something that does!

Thanks for making my gigs a little easier.'

Wendi Peters

English Actress Best Known as Coronation Street's Cilla

'Whether singing, speaking, demonstrating baking or sheep herding ... Vocalzone are my only choice for an instantly clearer voice!! They taste great too...'

Dionne Warwick

American Singer, Actress and TV Presenter

'I was introduced to Vocalzone while on tour about 10 years ago, and was amazed at how that tiny little pastille was able to take care of the vocal problem I was having at the time... I am never without them and have told many of my friends in the business about this "LITTLE MIRACLE PASTILLE"... Take it from someone who knows, "IT WORKS"'

Margareta Svensson Riggs

Swedish Singer, Pianist, Songwriter, Actress and Television personality

‘Tom Jones gave me my first box of Vocalzone when we were both performing at the MGM Grand Las Vegas years ago, and I haven’t been without them since. Everywhere I am there is a pack. Simply, I don’t sing without Vocalzone – that’s how great they are. And I just gave Stevie Wonder his first Vocalzone. Not only did he want more, but he also said: “Tell them I appreciate the braille.’

Philip Hernandez

Broadway Actor & Singer

'Doing 8 shows a week is tough. Vocalzone before or after a show makes it easier. It's a great product that soothes my throat, eases my mind and always makes me feel better.'

The Modern Gentlemen

Classic Vocal Quartet Founded By Frankie Valli

'We use Vocalzone for every rehearsal, recording session and live performance. It truly keeps our voices at their absolute best and gets us through our demanding tour schedule, night in and night out!'

Bret Iwan

Voice Actor

'I appreciate Thom's intro, as I've been in love with VZ since he introduced it to me. Performing in falsetto can be challenging, but even more so with a tired voice. VZ quickly rejuvenates my vocal cords, while opening up my sinuses at the same time. I don't head to a session without it in my bag!'

Melvin Vermeer

International Voice-Over Artist

"Vocalzone has become an essential tool for me as a voice-over. It supports my voice during long recording sessions in the vocal booth. It brings amazing clarity and my throat feels supported."

The Swingle Singers

Vocal Group

'As a touring a cappella group, we're nothing without our voices! Vocalzone have come to our rescue on many occasions.'

Simon Hall

Lead Vocalist in British Heavy Metal Band Beholder

'The necessity to look after my voice, either on tour or in the studio, has seen me use pretty much everything - until I was introduced to Vocalzone. Performing at the intensity that the band delivers, I've had to rely on Vocalzone to get me through on occasions and they've never failed. Great product.'

Larry Hochman

Business Director and Renowned International Key-Note Speaker

'Thank you Vocalzone. My voice is the key element of my successful career as a global speaker, and you have kept it strong and sound.'

Micki Maynard

Author, Lecturer, Senior Broadcaster & New York Times Journalist

'I have been buying packs of [Vocalzone] for years every time I swing through the UK. I take one before every TV and radio appearance and every speech, and they are a godsend given my allergies -- nothing else clears up my voice as well. I've recommended them to lots of friends in the media here in the States.'

Photo By:Richard Stow

Ricky Warwick

Lead Vocalist in hard rock band Black Star Riders

'Touring the world, changing seasons and temperatures, coughs and sneezes makes it hard to remain healthy at all times. Vocalzone is one of the few constants you can rely on. When you’re under the weather, Vocalzone is there to ease congestion and soothe an irritable throat. When you’re at the top of your game, Vocalzone only enhances your performance. A must for every vocalist. I never go onstage without it.'

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