What are Vocalzone Pastilles?

Same power, new taste…

For over 100 years Vocalzone Throat Care was a one product brand

Our original Vocalzone pastilles with their very acquired taste! Although adjustments were made to ensure the formula was Vegan, it was largely untouched from William Lloyd’s original 1907 invention. Of course some Vocalzone fans have grown to love the distinctive taste of our original pastilles, but many suggested that the time had come for us to launch new flavours. We finally took the leap in 2018 launching our refreshing Honey & Lemon Pastilles alongside a Blackcurrant Sugar Free flavour.


Our powerful and distinctive Original pastilles are created using a formula, which has been largely untouched since they were first produced as a pastille in 1912. In 2014 we altered the formula slightly to ensure that it was completely Vegan. In 2019 we were proud to register the full Vocalzone range with the Vegan Society.

Honey & Lemon

Launched alongside our Blackcurrant Sugar Free flavour in 2018, our Honey & Lemon pastilles are a refreshing take on our classic formula. Whilst they still contain Myrrh, the ingredient we’re known and loved for, they are less of an acquired taste than our Original pastille. What’s more, – in common with the full Vocalzone range – they’re Vegan!


Coming into this world at the same time as our Honey & Lemon pastilles, the Blackcurrant Sugar Free flavour is another refreshing take on our much admired, but never rivalled classic formula. We’re delighted to finally offer a sugar free option after over 100 years and Vegans will be happy to learn that our Blackcurrant Sugar Free pastilles are Vegan.

How does Vocalzone work?

Voice problems are often unavoidable if you rely on your voice professionally. Vocalzone Pastilles have been formulated to support vocal care and were designed specifically to relieve irritations due to excessive singing, speaking or smoking.  Vocalzone pastilles are ideally suited to helping all voice professionals maintain their clarity of voice. It’s the unique blend of our powerful ingredients that has made Vocalzone the performers’ household name it is today. Vocalzone pastilles are formulated using essential oils, which reach your vocal folds as you inhale whilst consuming a pastille.

Find out more about the individual properties of our three key ingredients below:

What’s in Vocalzone Pastilles?

Myrrh Tincture

Myrrh has anti-inflammatory properties on swollen capillaries.

As an astringent, it also helps regulate mucous retention. It is known to stimulate blood circulation, helping to fight infection and speed healing.

Known benefits of myrrh:

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antioxidant
  • Antiseptic
  • Antimicrobial

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint Oil acts as an aromatic calmative. It helps naturally cool any irritation in your throat.

Inhaling this essential oil can also help to clear blocked sinuses and clear the airways.

Known benefits of peppermint oil:

  • Natural energizer
  • Clears blocked sinuses
  • Cools and soothes
  • Skin relaxant


Menthol helps to soothe and relieve throat irritation.

This is achieved by the natural cooling properties of this essential oil. Menthol can also help to clear any blockages.

Known benefits of menthol:

  • Analgesic
  • Antiseptic
  • Antispasmodic
  • Decongestant

What makes Vocalzone Pastilles so special?

Vocalzone pastilles differ from many other throat products in that they’re free of numbing ingredient Benzocaine, enabling users to retain full control of their voice without underlying vocal damage being masked. All Vocalzone products contain the key ingredient Myrrh which is known to be anti-inflammatory and all our products are suitable for Vegans, as evidenced by our registration with the Vegan Society.

The Benefits of Using Vocalzone

There isn’t a single throat pastille, lozenge, tablet or throat sweet on the market which will magically heal the symptoms of a overworked voice . However, combined with healthy vocal care routines, Vocalzone will effectively help to reduce the discomfort your voice may be causing you.

Powerful Active Ingredients

Powerful Active Ingredients

Our blend of ingredients is unique and combined, offer support for your hardworking voice whether that be before, during or after your performance.

No Anaesthetic Agents

No Anaesthetic Agents

As a singer, you want to be in control of your voice. Unlike the majority of other throat products, Vocalzone contains no anaesthetic. This means you won’t be masking any vocal damage as Vocalzone only works to support overworked voices without masking underlying damage.

A Confidence Boost

A Confidence Boost

Vocalzone consistently delivers, giving you the confidence to step up on that stage. Over 100 years of many top singers and performers recommend it. The  ingredients of Vocalzone are unique and the sensation when you have one in your mouth is like no other. So you can feel confident in delivering a powerful and amplified performance.

Gluten & Lactose Free

Gluten & Lactose Free

Vocalzone Throat Pastilles are both gluten free and lactose free. Please note Vocalzone Pastilles do contain liquorice and for this reason we recommend that you do not exceed more than one pastille every two hours.

Vegetarian & Vegan friendly

Vegetarian & Vegan friendly

A pastille for anyone, regardless of your dietary preferences.

Where Can I Get Vocalzone?

Vocalzone is sold both online and in stores around the UK.