Air Drawn Dagger

Air Drawn Dagger are a female fronted Alternative Rock band from Sheffield with an eclectic mix of Electronic, Grunge, Punky – Angst- Pop sounds.

Air Drawn Dagger are an Electronic, Punky, Angst-Pop collective.

The name Air Drawn Dagger comes from Macbeth as it is a “characterisation of an emotional outburst”.

Guitarist Lewis & Vocalist Maisie began writing songs in the back of a Cake Shop in Sheffield before they cut their teeth winning over diverse crowds, from old punks at Hardcore shows to young couples in Tapas restaurants.

Their debut release received heavy support from BBC Introducing and overwhelming praise from the underground press such as Hit The Floor, Mosh & Punktastic. The band signed multiple publishing deals whilst honing their sound, supporting a plethora of artists from genres such as Alt Rock, Metal, Pop Punk, and more…

Within their first formative years, Air Drawn Dagger have embarked on extensive national tours, appearing across numerous festivals, and plunged into their first DIY North American Tour. Building a rabid fanbase along the way, self-proclaimed The Church of Dagger.

Through creating music, publishing Zines, and building a universe within their music videos, the bands’ celebration of not belonging resonates with people who are behind them, building a community. The genre-melting ensemble use gigs as a space to welcome those that don’t belong anywhere else, and to celebrate the darker side of people, in one big therapeutic party.

The future holds a string of new releases, international touring, and more adventures in sound.


Maisie – Vocals
Lewis – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Ross – Drums, Backing Vocals
“Superb” – BBC Introducing Sheffield 
“Air Drawn Dagger can’t be pigeon-holed” – York Calling 
“The perfect soundtrack to a looting spree” – Musicology

Listen to ‘My Murder of Crows’ below.

Frequently receiving rave reviews and comparisons to everyone from

My Chemical Romance, to Paramore, and Blondie, Air Drawn Dagger hit you with huge pop hooks, melancholic guitars, and earnest emotion.


With a DIY North American Tour under their belt, the band have been building a universe through their music videos, publishing their debut Zine and selling out UK shows. This year sees the birth of a new project involving members of While She Sleeps & more.


The self-produced new single “Hazmat sees the band take a heavier, Nu-Metal turn, delivering frantic synthesizer riffs, a huge pop chorus and a mariachi middle 8. This is all accompanied by a rapid verse by Alt Metal Rapper, Kid Bookie (Corey Taylor, Tech N9ne).


The genre-melting outfit have developed a cult fan base, self-proclaimed the

‘Church of Dagger’ and with their UK Tour underway this spring, Air Drawn Dagger are coming for you, ready or not.


The single is out everywhere now!

Lets see what Air Drawn Dagger has to say about Vocalzone!

“Vocalzone literally keeps us functioning as a band. It’s the saviour when both touring and recording. No other product has the same effect and gives the confidence to sound and feel great when performing. An endorsement from Vocalzone would mean the world as it a product we genuinely love using and it helps us so much.”

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