Dean Middhat


Being a English classically trained actor, presenter and sports commentator. Dean Middhat certainly knows his worth!

Dean has been acting since he was a child and gravitated towards sports commentating after competing in combat sports. He developed a powerful and commanding voice, not just from being on stage and having to announce right back to the rafters, but also working in secondary schools as a teacher capturing the attention of the new minds of this world with a connecting and informative voice. This line of work translated perfectly into projects not only being on stage, tv and film but during commentating and voice over work in the studio. Since leaving the classroom 4 years ago to concentrate on elevating his acting and commentating career, it has come to a point where he started appearing on national and international TV.

In this video Dean Middhat along with his close friend Chris commentating the Josh Herdman Vs Janusz Walachowski Fight.

The most recent being the lead commentator for the BAMMA organisation in the U.K in Dublin, Ireland. This particular combat sports show is streamed live on Unilad with a huge social media following with over 30 million followers. Also broadcasted live on sky channel Dave, with a huge amount of viewers tuning in to the live broadcast. He also continues to commentate and present shows that are pay per view live online and on TV. It  is fair to say with confidence that his voice is known and used on the top combat shows in and out of the U.K.  he was also selected to commentate the debut MMA fight of Harry Potter star Josh Herdman.

Here you have Dean and fellow commentator Chris again at work at the fight between Richard Kiely and Daniel Olejniczak below.

he will also have a horror/thriller film booked for filming in October 2017, in which he is the lead character, this project will also get sent to Netflix for distribution.

Lets see what Dean Middhat has to say about Vocalzone!

“Vocalzone has revolutionised the game for me. It really has lengthened the time I am able to deliver my voice at peak performance in strenuous, prolonged and extreme environments. I strongly believe that this product is to thank for my success in the entertainment field. I first came to know the benefits of Vocalzone after seeing another endorsed comrade in the combat sports game, ring announcer Mike Markham.”

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