Slave Steel


Slave Steel is a London based Metal band.

The original members started the project in 2008 in Rome, the band has been growing defining his sound and going throughout several changes to its current line up, which has performed in Italy, USA and UK. Slave Steel self-released their debut album «Entanglement» (Outer Sound Studios, Rome 2015). They express through the lyrics and music the serious shortcomings in society, which affect and disarm each individual in order to breakup the arts, just like nations divide people lives.

Watch the brand new music video for ‘Orge Cage’ below.

In the last few years the band has been playing tracks from the album during numerous shows. In 2016 they reached the Grand Final performing at the Metal 2 The Masses London and achieved the sponsor award by Very Metal Art, publishing the Lyric Video «Fat Sunday’s Tale», available on their YouTube channel. In 2017 Slave Steel released the new self-named EP available worldwide on all digital platforms. In 2018 they published a re-mastered version of the song «True Sight» (Finnvox Studios, Helsinki).

Check out Slave Steel’s track ‘True Sight’ below!

Let’s see what Pil Nazzari has to say about Vocalzone!

“I never skip a pastille of Vocalzone before every performance, doesn’t matter if rehearsal or show. It clears up my tone and mostly important ensure a rough, stable screaming. Definitely a throat-shredders must-have!!”

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