Death Remains


From England, the spiritual home of classic metal, comes the new generation in the world’s leading metal bands. Among those at the front of the pack are DEATH REMAINS.

Originally known as After Death whilst having a extremely succesful tour in Brazil. Then tragedy struck as the band lost two members to the ocean. In memory of there fallen brother band renamed themselves as Death Remains to show that they wont let this awful event  deter them from their goal to create heaviest music they can which they all loved.

From their latest album ‘Destroy/Rebuild’ comes ‘Before The End’ where you can clearly hear the spirit and dedication of the band.

Without surprise the band did exacelly that when they released  the band self released their EP ‘A Thousand Lives’ which gained the band the respect of the London metal scene. In 2013 with a ton of high profile shows to their name playing along side bands such as ‘Miss May I’ and ‘Tesseract’.

An explosive live band, DEATH REMAINS entered the studio in 2013 to begin recording their first album with Justin Hill at the desk, formerly of acclaimed noise band SIKTH. The incredible and mind blowing opus, ‘STAND.FIGHT.BELIEVE’.

Here’s Death Remains playing ‘Hardships’ in their live music video.

After four Years of Touring and hard work the band did not want to rush a new albulm so they could give their fans only the best from them. This happend four years later in the form ‘Destroy/Rebuild’with great tracks such as ‘Before The End’, ‘Hardships’ and many more.

This is the latest in original British metal. This is the new generation of British youth employing crushing rhythms and devastating riffs, injecting life into a genre plagued by rip-offs and wannabes. This is more than just sheer technical brilliance. This is passion. This is DEATH REMAINS.

Let’s see what Barry O Connor has to say about Vocalzone!!

“Vocalzone have got me out of a pickle a good few times in the past, one time that stands out especially was on a 10 date headline album tour earlier this year and my voice completely went due to a lack of sleep (pretty standard when sharing a van with 6 other guys haha) and a horrible cold, we were only 3 dates in! I was so worried that my voice wouldn’t hold out but the band we were touring with at the time (Bleed Again) offered me a Vocalzone and I played one of the best sets of my life that night. First thing I did once we got to the next town the following day was tracking down the nearest music shop and purchased as many as I could! Now to be endorsed and part of the family is a real honour and I honestly couldn’t recommend Vocalzone enough.”

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