Final Coil


Final Coil are the link between the twisted harmonies of Alice in Chains and the rhythmic pulse of Tool.

Combining crushing riffs with ethereal, post-rock soundscapes, Final Coil offer up a quintessentially English take on alternative rock. Formed by frontman Phil Stiles, the Leicester-based band went through the usual trials and tribulations of finding a stable line-up with the one constant being lead guitarist Richard Awdry.

Initially rooted in the explosive experimentation of the US underground scene, early Final Coil shows were noisy, messy affairs with broken equipment scattered across the stage and waves of arcing feedback left echoing around dark venues with sticky floors. With time, the band evolved to take a more nuanced approach, weaving stately, Gilmour-esque solos into the dense, metallic riffs and experimenting with layers of vocal harmonies reminiscent of Alice in Chains and Anathema.

From their brand new album, ‘The World We Left Behind’ comes the climatic track ‘The Final Battle’. Watch the music video below!

It was this more-evolved musical approach that attracted Jola Stiles; a Polish-born bassist with a jazz background, enabling the band to develop their sound yet further. With Jola in place, Final Coil recorded an acoustic EP that added flute, waves of synth and delicate piano to the mix. A major shift in the band’s sound, the Somnambulant EP demonstrated a newfound maturity of expression although live shows remained Adrenalin-soaked examples of pure-rock fury.

At the end of 2014, Tony ‘Ches’ Hughes, a remarkably talented veteran of the Leicester music scene, was invited to join Final Coil. His arrival was a significant catalyst and new songs were written at a furious pace, the band recording and self-releasing the well-received Closed to the Light EP in 2015. This EP not only gained excellent reviews across the board (see Press Archive), it also attracted the attention of respected label WormHoleDeath and, throughout 2016, the band focused on writing and developing their debut album, Persistence of Memory.

As you can see the band for whom passion is everything, Final Coil offer an emotional voyage into a heart of darkness and Persistence of Memory looks set to be one of the year’s most adventurous releases.

Lets see what Final Coil has to say about Vocalzone!

“Vocalzone have saved my voice on so many occasions. When you’re feeling a little rough, there’s nothing that can beat them for giving your vocals a boost. Given that I have to use my voice heavily, both in my job and for music, I often find I get a little hoarse. Vocalzone have helped me out no end of times, and I wouldn’t travel to a show without them. Vocalzone is, without doubt, the most effective lozenges that I have come across to help with an ailing throat. I never travel to rehearsal or a show without them.”

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