Morass of Molasses


Rising from the Mud and into glory comes Morass of Molasses! 

Morass Of Molasses are Swamp master generals of the Reading scene; creating the kind of lumbering Heavy blues riffs which induce involuntary head nodding and a deep stirring of the loins. Effortlessly establishing themselves as a force to be reckoned with.

Their short life so far has also seen them sharing stages with such luminaries of the scene as Crowbar, Orange Goblin, Ohhms, Vodun, Elephant Tree and many more.

Watch the exlusive interview that Morass Of Molasses did for Doomed & Stonned below!

Their gutsy Jagermiester stage performance at Bloodstock 2015 helped propel them into a relentless schedule of touring. During which they released the self-funded debut EP ‘So Flows Our Fate’. Which garnered a tidal wave of critical acclaim and brought them into contact with Hevisike Records. The very Label which will be released their debut Album ‘These Paths We Tread’ in May 2017. Closely followed by a momentous performance to a packed Sophie Lancaster Stage at Bloodstock 2017.

Listen to the brand new single ‘Death Of All’ from their upcoming album ‘The Ties That Bind’ below!

Their album ‘These Paths We Tread’ represents the culmination of the collective will of the band since its inception. A veritable melting pot of ideas, blended together, forming a thick stew of Heavy Blues with side of Doom for good measure.

As in the EP before, the band use the album as a vehicle to explore concepts of Mythic Sin and Ancient Archetypes. The Journey we take through Life as humans is ever at the forefront, and drives the songwriting to a place of introspection. This is the album Morass Of Molasses have been waiting to make since the very beginning.

Lets see what Bones has to say about Vocalzone!!

‘After about 5 shows in a row on Tour, Vocalzone used to be an absolute lifesaver. However, I’ve now got into the habit of using it before every gig as part of my pre-show routine’

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