You can build your shelters..But it wont protect you from apocalyptic nu-metal mob Anti-Clone!

Since bursting onto the scene in 2013, the five piece have wasted no time in grabbing audiences by the scruff of their necks and laying waste to stages across the UK and Europe. Now they’re ready to step up to the plate and deliver their stunning debut album ‘The Root Of Man’, (a album which questions the beginning of the human race, starting with Eve committing original sin which resulted in us being cast out of Eden) released via a hugely successful PledgeMusic campaign and Plastic Head Distribution.

Check Out Anti-Clone’s latest single ‘Deracinated’

‘The Root Of Man’ showcases a band not afraid totake risks and demonstrate real conviction in the musical landscape that’s on offer on this album. From nu-metal and industrial grooves to heavy metal sonics laced with tech and progressive elements and melodies a-plenty that sets the heaviness off in abundance – ‘The Root Of Man’ is a fantastic launch pad for this young band.
Working with Matt Hyde (Slipknot ‘All Hope Is Gone’ – Machine Head ‘The Blackening’) at Perry Vale Studios in London the acclaimed producer was on hand to take the raw energy of Anti-Clone and help shape their future.

Listen to the fast and frantic “Astaroth” below 

“ Anti-Clone pushes themselves and it’s no surprise that they have gained a lot of fans along the way. There is no doubt in my mind that 2016 is going to be a big year for them.”

Matt Hyde

Lets see what Mr Clone has to say about Vocalzone

I have used Vocalzone for about 4 years, I took them on our first European Tour, I truly believe they helped keep me going on the most gruelling amount of consecutive shows I have done. Never leave for a show without them.

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