Sodomized Cadaver


Here in all its debauchery..these guys are making a name for themselves with deadly effect! 

Sodomized Cadaver are a Welsh death metal band from the valleys. Formed early 2013, the band has 2 releases to date (Vorarephilia 2014) and (Verses Of Putridity 2016) and are in the middle of recording their third release (Morbid Tales of Mutilation) sharing the stage with American grind pioneers Brutal Truth and have shared the stage with many of extreme metal’s greats over the years such as Cattle Decapitation, Exhumed, Cryptopsy, Malevolent Creation plus many more.

Becoming a strong underground name in the Welsh DeathMetal Scene it was only right they played Bloodstock last year! Watch their full set below.

Their stage show is a full on brutal assault of death metal heavily influenced by the old school death metal era as well as drawing in influences from brutal death metal, thrash and doom metal. Their music is beyond heavy but their live shows are filled with fun and laughter due to their silly Welsh banter, and usually end up with people on stage

Proving their point is the track ‘Half Dead Burial’

Sodomized Cadaver have played mostly every extreme metal festival in the UK, they played the Jagermeister stage at Bloodstock Open Air (2016) to a packed-out tent with 100’s of people even headbanging outside the tent, they played the main stage at Hammerfest (2017) to a maxed out venue sharing the stage with metal legends Venom, they also played live on Hard Rock Hell TV at Hammerfest playing their full on set but acoustically, showing their sense of humour but also their musical diversity, they played Heavy Scotland (2017) sharing the stage with European heavyweights Behemoth, they also headlined Pentre Fest (2017). Other notable festivals they have played – Eradication Festival (2014), Mammoth Fest (2015), Glasgore Fest (2015), UK Slam Fest (2015),

Lets see what Charlie has to say about Vocalzone!

“I’ve been using Vocalzone products for many years now so I’m delighted that Sodomized Cadaver is part of the Vocalzone family.

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