Fabio D’Amore


Though most well known for his work with Symphonic Metal band Serenity, that is only one part of Fabio’s story!

Fabio built up his career with various local rock and metal bands beginning at the age of 14, where he also discovered his passion for progressive music. He contributed to and recorded several demos and EPs with different bands, between 2000 and 2004.

He joined the Italian progressive act Pathosray, his first professional band, in 2004, internationally releasing two records. With Pathosray, at the age of 21, the band opened at the premier indoor American festival ProgPower USA. There they shared the stage with bands such as Amorphis, Iced Earth, Jon Oliva’s Pain, Riverside, to name a few. That same year, Pathosray was invited to ProgPower USA’s “twin” festival in the Netherlands, ProgPower EU, where they shared the stage with great prog bands such as Threshold, Cynic, Pagan’s Mind and many others.  They also played at Metalfest UK together with Vision Divine, Elvenking, Evergrey, and Primal Fear among others.

In late 2008, Fabio was asked by his management colleague to take part in the 3rd album of the French metal opera Fairyland called Score To A New Beginning. With Fairyland he also played Denmark’s ProgPower Scandinavia 2009. A year later, Fabio was contacted by the Italian prog metal band Mirrormaze to sing on their debut album ‘Walkabout’, as well as to record the bass parts.

Incase you’re not aware of who Serenity are, here is their track ‘United’.

In 2010 Fabio received a call from the Austrian symphonic metal band Serenity, who requested that he become their new bass player and backing vocalist. Since becoming part of Serenity, he has recorded multiple videos with the band such as The Chevalier, When Canvas Starts To Burn from the album ‘Death & Legacy’, Wings Of Madness from ‘War of Ages’ both under Napalm Records and welcomed to critical acclaim from fans and critics alike. They were nominated for multiple awards as well as winning in the category of Best “Hard/Heavy”at Amadeus Music Awards in 2017. As of this moment Serenity are currently getting ready for their tour with Visions Of Atlantis, Temperance and Dragony.

Proving to be an unstoppable juggernaut in the Symphonic Metal genre, here is ‘Lionheart’ which has become an anthem for many!

Fabio is also a bass, vocals and music theory and music production instructor. He teaches at the Learn To Rock Music School in Kufstein, Soundklink in Imst, as well as his private lessons in Innsbruck and Silz (Tirol, Austria). Fabio also offers Skype and online lessons and coaching. Since September 2017, Fabio is exclusively using Spector basses : Reboop5, Legend5 and LX5. Fabio is also sponsored by Westone in-ear monitoring systems, Tech21NYC , Taurus Amplification, SIT strings and Darkglass Electronics. With Serenity, Fabio is an artist part of the JägerMusic family!

Let’s see what Fabio D’Amore has to say about Vocalzone!

‘I had the pleasure to try out Vocalzone products from my friend and colleague Michele Guaitoli (Temperance) and I felt improvements in my live performances on tour day by day. As also being a vocal coach myself, I wouldn’t be smart enough not to suggest these products to my colleagues or anyone in the biz searching for something natural and bio helping out with self care and your performance!!!’

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