Angus Gill


Angus Gill is somewhat of a veteran in the performance and songwriting stakes.

At 20 years of age, the authenticity of Australian singer-songwriter Angus Gill’s songwriting and distinctive vocals is quite possibly evidence that he may have been on this planet before. His live show is a vibrant collection of infectious, witty and poignant songs, evoking essential laughter, tears and deep thought.

Gill’s debut album Nomad, has rapidly began to cement him in the hearts and minds of Australian country music fans, peaking at #13 on the ARIA (Australian Recording Industry Association) Country Albums Charts. This is an album that is deeply rooted in pure country with an overarching theme of journeys and a smattering of his trademark brand of humour, making it the perfect roadtrip companion.

Listen to Angus Gill’s latest single ‘Starin’ Out The Back Of A Car’ featuring Kevin Bennett and Amos Morris below.

Not only has he co-written all the songs with the cream of the crop of the Australian country music scene, including Adam Harvey, Gina Jeffreys, Luke O’Shea and Kevin Bennett, Gill has also produced and mixed all 13 tracks on this debut album.

The album also features Angus teaming up with Kevin Bennett and Amos Morris on Staring Out The Back of a Car dealing with the tragedy of the Stolen Generation and he duets with Adam Harvey on P Plater, a track dealing with the realities of young drivers combining Angus and Adam’s senses of humour.

Click the video below to watch the music video ‘Hands Are Clean’.

He has recently promoted the album and hit single Roadworks, by appearing on a number of national television and radio programs including Channel 7’s The Daily Edition, Channel 10’s Studio 10, as well as The Ray Hadley Show on 2GB and the Grant Goldman Show on the 2SM Super Network.

Gill attracted the attention of Australian megastar Guy Sebastian in 2017, who tweeted, “Forget Duncan, I wanna have a beer with Angus.

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