Ward XVI

The gates of Whittingham Asylum have been struck open and for the first time in history the high security Ward XVI invites members of the public to meet face to face with the UK’s most violent serial killers.

The ward’s longest-standing resident Psychoberrie, listed as the UK’S most dangerous criminal, will give an insight into her life prior to her incarceration. With assistance from medical staff Alex and Dr Stott and fellow inmate Jake she will tell the story of the reckless life led by herself and former partner Beardy McStumble and the narcotic induced murders that took place prior to his own decapitation. This is a sordid tale of deceit and manipulation represented with a genre defying mix of hard-hitting metal riffs, off-beat ska rhythms, melancholic piano, accordion, catchy female vocals, a hint of electro, and to top it all off an engaging, energetic theatrical live show.

Listen to Ward XVI latest single ‘Hold Me’ below.

In the summer of 2013, in the city of Preston, a group of misfits got together for a new musical project with the aim of creating something completely unique. Each musician coming from a different musical background drawing in influences from the likes of Alice Cooper, Lordi, The skintz, Stolen Babies, Diabolo Swing Orchestra, Alter Bridge, Jason Becker and Avatarium. Since the release of their debut EP in January 2015 the band have gone from strength to strength, headlining shows in and around the North West with an ever-growing fan base. The highlights of Ward XVI’s career so far include playing the main stage at O2 Academy Leeds in the final of the Soundwaves music competition, supporting William Control and The Men that will not be Blamed for Nothing and winning the Bloodstock Metal to the Masses competition. Ward XVI played on the New Blood Stage at this year’s Bloodstock Festival on Sat 12th August. After a great response from the release of their self-titled EP the band returned to the studio to record a 12 track concept album titled “The Art of Manipulation” which was released on 01/07/2017.

Further luring you in is ‘Cry Of The Siren’.

Now that you’ve had a thorough induction onto the ward it’s time to ask yourself: With nothing but a steel barrier to separate you, would you dare come face to face with the UK’s most deadly psychopaths? They may look harmless and their music may be brilliant but I assure you these are dangerous criminals and will stop at nothing to get what they want.

Let’s see what Ward XVI has to say about Vocalzone!

“Psychoberrie and the inmates of Ward XVI have lived and killed by Vocal zone, specifically at Bloodstock at an early morning show, the use of Vocal Zone allowed Psychoberrie to shrug off the effects and deliver an award-winning performance that is still being talked about 6 months later.”

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