Ward XVI

Dare you enter Ward XVI, maximum-security for the mentally deranged?

Dare you enter Ward XVI, maximum-security for the mentally deranged? Once more, the gates of Whittingham Asylum have been cast open. Freaks and outcasts, oddballs and inbreds – all are welcome.

Get up close and personal with the UK’s most brutal and bloody serial killer, Psychoberrie, as she spins a haunting tale of depravity and manipulation. Watch in horror as she executes her prey live on stage. Fall victim to catchy female vocals, fortified by a genredefying mix of hard-hitting metal riffs, offbeat ska rhythms, melancholic piano, jaunty accordion, and a hint of electro.

Listen to Ward XVI latest single ‘Hold Me’ below.

“Ward XVI were next up on Stage and easily had the biggest crowd of the weekend in the room. With the room bursting at the seams and people forming large queues to enter, their superb performance proved to be an instant hit with some of largest cheers coming from the room that weekend.”

Drawing from their eclectic background, Ward XVI are inspired by a whole host of musical masters, including Alice Cooper, Iron Maiden, Rob Zombie, Diablo Swing Orchestra, Avatar and Marilyn Manson.

Ward XVI released their critically acclaimed debut, ‘The Art of Manipulation’, in 2017. This concept album revealed the sordid story of Psychoberrie, now incarcerated among the warped inhabitants of Ward XVI. An intense UK tour, in which Psychoberrie’s most heinous deeds were enacted, hooked legions of fellow insanics. These bloodythirsty inmates supported the band through Metal 2 The Masses competition that same year. Ward XVI smashed the national final to secure a spot on the coveted New Blood Stage at Bloodstock Open Air Festival.

Further luring you in is ‘Cry Of The Siren’.

“Without a doubt, one of the most surprising and talented acts to play Bloodstock this year. I can’t recommend them enough”

Their performance at Bloodstock was an unprecedented success, packing out the tent at 10:30am and being described as one of the most insane and busiest openings in the festival’s history. Ward XVI were awarded a brand-new PA system by the festival organisers.

Since then, the inmates have gripped UK audiences with their headline ‘Scare in the Community’ tour, whilst touring with Doyle (of the Misfits) and Red Rum. Ward XVI went from strength to strength, wowing the crowds with appearances at Hammerfest 2019, HRH Metal Meltdown, Amplified, Breaking Bands, SOS Festival and Ragnarok Festival.

The next chapter of Psychoberrie’s confessional is scheduled for release in Autumn 2020. ‘Metamorphosis’ exposes the disturbed upbringing of Ward XVI’s most infamous inmate.

Let’s see what Ward XVI has to say about Vocalzone!

“Psychoberrie and the inmates of Ward XVI have lived and killed by Vocal zone, specifically at Bloodstock at an early morning show, the use of Vocal Zone allowed Psychoberrie to shrug off the effects and deliver an award-winning performance that is still being talked about 6 months later.”

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