Aonia is a 7-headed, 14-legged creature, wielding two ‘sopranos with balls’ as vocalists, shredding twin axes, symphonic keys, and driving drums and bass.

Capturing energy and delivering this in a live performance is a challenge that sometimes brings feelings of fear in creating the music we love. But what if we could live together and UNITE IN MUSIC that has NO FEAR, celebrates the bold and undaunted, and gives us all the chance to live without uncertainty, even in the darkest of times? Performing gives us an opportunity to take respite, escape from the day to day, and celebrate absolute truth.

AONIA create stories set to bold, fearless melody without limitation. They make no apology for being grandiose, powerfully theatrical, balls-out heavy metal. WE UNITE IN FEARLESS CREATIVITY.

Listen to Aonia’s latest music video for ‘Sirens Lament’ below!

This begins with storytelling through a different lens, a collective of many influences that come together in creativity and, with emotionally provocative lyrics, breathe life and give a voice to the previously voiceless. Drawing from the worlds of Theatre, Opera and Classical Music, they delve deeply into stories, some traditional, but changing perspectives and asking “what if”? We might already know some of these tales – but do we really? AONIA explore them from another perspective and repurpose those narratives in a more universal way – but LOUDER!

“We’re fascinated by ancient stories, the mythology, language and poetry, and we have a real passion for the dramatic; we love the power and theatre of metal.”

BREAKING DOWN THE BARRIERS of convention is a powerful mission statement, and this is where they stand, shoulder to shoulder as a band, celebrating great stories and their love for ROCK and HEAVY METAL. Music is a universal language that brings joy to everyone, regardless of where you come from and all about where you’re going to. FORWARDS and TOGETHER.

“It’s true we have grand ideas when we write together; this gives us the greatest joy. The challenge we set ourselves taking our music from the studio to the stage is to share that with the audience, a symbiotic experience, something that we can all have together.”

MORE SHOWS and MORE MUSIC – bigger, brighter, bolder and the imminent promise of being out on the road. AONIA bring THEATRE and METAL to their live shows and an emotionally charged presence that is unmistakable.
“We’re taking a show out on the road that excites us as much as we want to excite our audience. This is a no-holding-back affair; the gloves are off, and this is the grandest yet.”

AONIA welcome everybody with open hearts, minds, and spirits – as a FAMILY we stand UNITED!

Check out Aonia’s music video for ‘Violet Hours’

Let’s see what Aonia has to say about Vocalzone!

“Joanne and Melissa have used Vocalzone tablets for years, starting when they were appearing in operas (such as “Pirates of Penzance” and “Iolanthe”) and while performing at the Buxton Gilbert & Sullivan festival. In Aonia, they continued the habit, and they never go into a performance or a recording session without a pack of Vocalzones.”

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