Familiar Spirit


Considering the bands short-life span, Familiar Spirts visibile imprint has been left on for all to see.

From the boroughs of London, Familliar Spirit’s distinct persona was first heard in a city where despite crowded streets and venues filled wall to wall, they still managed to break through the noise. With this continuous effort on their front, It wasnt long before eyes of intrest and ears of taste honned in.

Listen to Familliar Spirits brand new single ‘Stone Cold’ below!

Little more then a year later, the band have already toured exstentively and shared stages with the likes of Mushroomhead, Make The Suffer, Lotus Eater, Black Peaks, Loathe to few, further proving that hard work pays off fully. Also upcoming is their UK/ EU tour where the band heads towards the mainland alongside convictions this Autumm.

From where it all began, here is ‘Reach’.

Let’s see what Cameron Thomson has to say about Vocalzone!

“Vocalzone always interested me since I first discovered it as it seemed to cater to all of my needs – especially as I perform such a wide range of vocal styles. Since my first use I’ve been able to perform longer for better without anywhere near as much strain on my voice – especially useful for tours where I’m giving it my all for days on end. Since they brought in the new flavours I feel like they’re a company that has a real drive to give vocalists the best they can, and I always keep a pack on hand whether I’m recording, rehearsing or tearing up the stage.”

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