Control The Storm


Control the Storm are a UK based melodic metal band that have been going from strength to strength.

The band deliver an explosive stage show with a ferocious energy and catchy songwriting. 2019 has already seen the release of their upbeat new single ‘Follow Me’ which is taken from their second album ‘Forevermore’ – the follow-up to ‘Beast Inside’

Watch the music video for ‘Follow Me’ below!

With the release of the brand new album , ‘Forevermore’ is a dynamic journey of Melodic Metal with vocals by the insanely talented Firouzeh. Beginning with the epic opener ‘Darkest Fantasy’, the album takes you through a variety of subjects including World War II, The Garden of Eden, Social Media, Egyptian Curses and cilminates in the 13 minute prog-esqe title track ‘Forevermore’ – a song that somehow manages to mix bagpipes, immortals, waltzes and Robert Burns into one coherent story of the ages.

With their brand new album lauch party at Bloodstock, it’s wise to imerge yourself in the spirit of Control The Storm with ‘Chaotic Mind’.

“If you haven’t yet heard or seen this band – I highly recommend you do! They are a great British band with the intoxicating frontwoman, Firouzeh, who has a vocal that is both harmonious and descriptive – like a gypsy storyteller! That, with their powerful and almost orchestral style, will take you on a journey – that’s at least what they did to me – and I highly recommend the experience!” – Tony Dolan (Venom Inc)

Let’s see what Firouzeh has to say about Vocalzone!

“I absolutely love Vocalzone, especially the pastilles. Not only do they soothe my vocal chords and prepare me for my gigs and sessions, they taste absolutely delicious. I love that there is a brand that is dedicated to the most important thing to me…my voice. I highly recommend Vocalzone to anyone who uses their voice a lot and needs some extra support.”

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