BRUCH’s music is like nothing else you’ve heard for a long time!

Described by her followers as having elements of Björk, Kate Bush, Suzanne Vega, and Goldfrapp, all wrapped into a tiny, artistic explosion, BRUCH is a purveyor of curious, electronic sounds, multi-layered vocals and ethereal melodies, bringing her classical cello training into the mix for an eclectic juxtaposition.

Listen to Bruch’s latest track from her debut EP ‘Autis’is none other then‘Tortoise Skin’ which you can listen to below.

She takes influence from artists such as Fever Ray, Lianne La Havas, and David Bowie, along with a wide array of classical composers, as evidenced by her love of orchestral music. But nature speaks volumes in her music – the omnipotent life force encompassing everything.

Her last two singles, Empty Land and Welcome, were snapped up by BBC Introducing for their Saturday night show, to great acclaim from both the host, Stephanie Nieuwenhuys, and the show’s audience, and she has been invited back for a Live Lounge in the coming months. This year, BRUCH can be seen performing at venues in Aberdeen, London, Brighton, Guildford and the Isle of Wight.

Writing about life, nature and the world around her, BRUCH has been creating music since the age of thirteen. Her music is unique and diverse, spanning the genres of folk, pop, and electronica, with a Scandinavian twist. But in quiet moments, she can be found listening to anything from Bach to Bowie.

Also from her debut EP is ‘Run & Hide’.

BRUCH released her debut single, Nature’s Word, in May 2017, and the second, Empty Land, in August, achieving her goal of releasing two singles whilst still only 16 years old, with Welcome following shortly after. BRUCH has been blown away by the response to her music across the globe, with new listeners following her daily from all corners of the earth. She hopes to continue to spread the sound of her music far and wide, both locally and internationally.

Let’s see what Bruch has to say about Vocalzone!

“As a live and recording artist/singer/songwriter, I need to keep my voice in top shape. I also have Asperger’s Syndrome, which means my anxieties can cause a lot of worries. Having Vocalzone would keep my voice soothed and ready and eliminate concerns about vocal stress on stage or in the studio, and help prepare me in advance of warm ups and live performances – one less thing to worry about is always a bonus!”

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