Ten Ton Slug


The Slug is hungry. The Slug shows no mercy

Based in Galway and originally from the depths of Connemara in the west of Ireland, Ten Ton Slug has ingested five humans and leaves a trail of groove-laden sludge metal in its wake.

Through intense and crushingly heavy live performances, The Slug has been steadily gathering momentum, building a rapidly increasing fan-base and reputation across the British Isles over the past few years, embarking on a number of mini-tours through England, Scotland and Ireland with prominent underground bands.

Taking all in its wake, Ten Ton Slug revealed their first music video in the form of ‘Matriarch Of Slime’. Witness for yourself in the video below.

Performances at Bloodstock 2016, support slots with Crowbar on the full Irish leg of their UK tour in March 2017 and slots with touring bands in Ireland and abroad such as Ohhms, Slabdragger, Planet of Zeus, Mage, Ramage Inc. and many others have cemented their reputation as a tight, hard-working and driven live band.

Three releases over the past three years; ‘Live at the Oaks’ in 2015, ‘Brutal Gluttonous Beast’ in 2016 and most recently a limited edition CD run of ‘Live at the Siege of Limerick’ in July 2017, which sold out in 24 hours, have all been extremely well received by both audiences and critics alike.

Here is the Slug showing what its capable of playing ‘Subterranean‘ live 

The band continue to build on this momentum and are currently in the final stages of preparing their much-anticipated second studio EP due for release in late October.

The remainder of 2017 sees the band continue to work hard, sharing a stage with Solstafir, Belzebong, Dread Sovereign and others at Emerald Haze festival in Dublin in September, supporting Jinjer in Limerick in November with other headline and support slots across Ireland and England being announced over the coming months.

Lets see what Ronan O’hArrachtain has to say about Vocalzone!!

“Vocalzones are brilliant, they have really helped me with performing live and for keeping my voice in top shape after gigs. It’s a must-have for singer’s in touring bands”

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