Cabin Boy Jumped Ship


Cabin Boy Jumped Ship exploded onto the scene in September 2013 with hard hitting synths and the sickest breakdowns.

They’re described as equal parts a modern metalcore band and a digital electronic music collective in one unit with harsh bass heavy Dubstep and Synthesizer sounds and more familiar metallic groove riff breakdowns that are seamlessly blended. The band of 4 musicians seek to create and inspire fresh new music that crosses over multiple styles and genres without sticking to a set formula.

Watch the brand new music video from Cabin Boy Jumped Ship called ‘The Innocent’ below!

The UK scene responded well to the bands new approach as within the four years of forming from nothing CBJS had shared stages with bands as eclectic and diverse as Silverstein, Attila, Eskimo Callboy, Oceans Ate Alaska, The One Hundred, The Unguided, The Algorithm and Bleed From Within, amongst many others. The band have made a name for themselves with a powerful stage presence and live shows that have often descended into party style chaos from the energetic audiences.

Check out Cabin Boy Jumped Ship’s latest single ‘RIP’ which also features Fonz from Atilla. 

Performing at worldwide known festivals such as Download Festival and Impericon Festival the band have acquired a passionate and dedicated fanbase through dedication, constant fan interaction and regular memorable performances all across the UK and Europe. Now with two EPs, sold out shows and international tours under their belt their next venture is to produce their debut album The Heartless which is set to release Summer 2018.

Let’s see what Cabin Boy Jumped Ship has to say about Vocalzone.

“For a band that has 3 vocalists ranging from screams to singing we rely on Vocalzone to keep our voices fresh for every show. You’ll never find us backstage without a pack of vocalzone somewhere in our gear and they’ve been an absolute lifesaver on the big tours. Cannot recommend them enough!”

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