Seething Akira


having the the opportunity to meet these guys, its my pleasure to introduce you to Seething Akira

Portsmouth based five piece hardcore dub steppers SEETHING AKIRA are a highly motivated band who are determined to show the world their style.

Check out their latest track being a cover of ‘Intergalactic’ by Beastie Boys

Seething Akira are a motivated band who are determined to show the world their style playing alongside groups such as Hacktivist, Heart of a Coward and Benji Webb from Skindred. These guys breathe new life into an increasingly growing underground scene. Their primary influences are blatant, with the aggressiveness of The Prodigy and an unique style simaller to Enter Shikari, this band create something personal but show the ability of becoming front runners in an ever growing popular genre.

Listen to ‘The Islander’ below!

With them just releasing their debut album in june earlier this year and winning the Metal to the masses competion which will be seeing them playing at bloodstock 2017 , Seething akira will be turning heads and making the floor jump in a syth punk rampage that will create one hell of a show!

Lets see what Kit Conrad has to say about Vocalzone!

“Met Dan, a representative at the Bloodstock Metal to the Masses Final, and he hooked me up with a couple at that show. I’ve had Vocalzone before, but I had a pretty sore throat that night, and they sorted me right out! Such a fantastic product and we won a slot at bloodstock that night. Maybe I was born with it…maybe it’s Vocalzone? Who knows! What I do know though, is they are banging! And I’ll be getting on that tea real soon.”