Tearing their way through the abyss is Northamptonshire’s Krysthla!!

Krysthla released their debut full length album, ‘A War Of Souls And Desires’ on 25th September 2015 via Initiate Audio and Media / Plastic Head (PHD) Ltd, to rabid critical acclaim from the metal press.

Hailed by Metal Hammer Magazine (UK) as “setting 2016 on fire” (alongside Textures, Dream Theater, Anthrax, and Devin Townsend) one of the finest underground UK extreme metal acts have just released their sophomore album and hit the number 2 spot on Amazon’s UK hard rock / metal chart sandwiched between the new albums by Deep Purple and Mastodon.

Titled ‘Peace In Our Time’, this new studio offering from Krysthla sees the British five-piece producing something extremely special. Part metal, part extreme, part technical, part progressive… Aurally this is a metal fan’s nirvana. There’s an abundance of aggression on offer, and yet the power of the band is amplified even more with melodic tinges and lighter musical landscapes, which never detract from the powerhouse delivery Krysthla is renowned for.

From their latest album comes the incredible “The Minor Mystery Of Death

Following the announcement of their debut album ‘A War Of Souls And Desires’ in July 2015, Krysthla broke into Amazon UK’s pre-release Top 10 album chart (alongside the likes of Iron Maiden and Disturbed), featured in-store nationwide at HMV as a “recommended buy” and lead music video ‘Luminosity’ was playlisted on Scuzz TV.

Krysthla’s debut album received extremely positive reviews from the music press, setting the band up for an exceptional 2016. From their extensive European tour with Decapitated to a prestigious slot on the Sophie Lancaster stage at Bloodstock Open Air, and main support to Textures at Mammothfest, Krysthla has crafted their music and live shows to such a high standard, that they can’t be ignored.

With ‘Peace In Our Time’, this is the sound of a band that has quickly found its place in the metal market, and given the chance, Krysthla will take the scene by storm.

Lets see what Adrian Mayes has to say about Vocalzone!!

“Throughout the twenty two years of musical adventures that I have been lucky enough to experience, I have always used Vocalzones as part of my vocal preparations especially to keep my airways clear and to soothe my throat after a performance, and I wouldn’t leave for a tour without them.

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