Behind Blue Eyes


Behind Blue Eyes are a metalcore band who formed in London during the summer of 2016.

Since forming, they have released 2 EPs and toured the UK extensively, making a name for themselves through their hard-hitting, energetic live performance. A blend of heavy riffs, as well as cleanly sung choruses has led fans of many different sub-genres to come together in appreciation of the diversity of the music.

Look below to hear Behind Blue Eye’s brand new music video for the recently released ‘Lie To Me’ below!

Their latest release brought the band their first chart success and made a big impression on many people across the UK. After a lineup change in early 2018, one of their guitarists, Stone Behzadi, stepped up to become the new vocalist and less than 3 months later had written and recorded the vocals, and toured the upcoming EP. They are set to release this new material in June which will see the band take a far more aggressive turn, with different personal experiences being the lyrical influence of each song.

Check out Behind Blue Eyes music video for ‘Forever Here’ below which quickly became a heartfelt anthem.

The band will head out to Europe for the first time this summer before setting off on another UK tour where they’ll be performing in some new cities, as well as some old favourites.

Let see what Stone Behzadi has to say about Vocalzone!

“I first discovered Vocalzone whilst battling a cold on tour last year. My throat was killing me and could barely breathe through my nose as I was so congested. The band we were out with at the time offered me a pastille and I went straight to a chemist the following morning and got myself some. They are now a tour essential, and I always made sure I’m stocked up before we hit the road. I can’t recommend them highly enough!”

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