VZ Family Round Up June/July

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Here’s the latest round of updates from across the VZ Family network.

This particular showcase will be showing what has happened over June and will be happening in July.



With festival season in full swing, the beer was flowing freely at the suitably named Hopfest Festival.

The VZ artists who performed this year include Divine Chaos (With Jut Tabor formerly of Furyborn), Sworn Amongst who also have an upcoming tour in Ireland, High Rise, Siderian, Jonestown, Death Remains, Lady Janes Revenge, Democratus and Fractions

Wildfire gone wild!

Wildfire Festival took place up north in Scotland. The festival completely sold out and we were incredibly happy to see artists such as King Creature, Hollowstar, The Dead XIIIVerity White and These Wicked Rivers perform at this ever growing festival!


Tech Fest!

Back down in the East Midlands, Tech Fest, a festival which specializes in technical, progressive metal came back for its sixth year! Since it’s first inception, the festival has included headliners such as The Black Dahlia Murder, Sikth, Animals As Leaders and many more.

This year they hosted VZ artists such as Jonestown and Sworn Amongst. We were gutted to not get to make an appearance on the weekend, hopefully we’ll get to the festival for next summer!

Ramblin Man Fair.

Another festival promising to add more classic rock, prog and more to this incredible summer of music is Ramblin’ Man Fair. This year saw headliners The Darkness (who we saw smash Teddy Rocks Festival on Saturday), Black Stone Cherry and Foreigner take to the stage! Also appearing alongside them this year were VZ artists King Creature, Elles Bailey, Ryders Creed and The Outlaw Orchestra.


Metal Days

Metal Days takes place this week in Slovenia, where artists will be performing for not one, not two, but 5 days of pure mayhem. Over the course of the festival, we have artists such as Irish sludgers Ten Ton Slug, Groove Masters Dead Label, and Technical death Metal Outfit Bloodshot Dawn all appearing throughout the week.

We hope everyone making the trip has a fantastic time!

In Other News…

Once again multiple artists have been working on their crafts to release plenty of new tracks, whether that be an EP hinting of upcoming material or a full brand new album for the masses! We’ve also got some pretty incredible announcements with tours and festivals!

  • Ward XVI, Kaned, Tomorrow Is Lost and The Howling Tides will be performing at SOS Festival in Manchester.
  • Conjurer, MSRY and Jonestown are all featured on this month’s Metal Hammer Magazine compilation album March Of The Maggots where they play exclusive covers of the iconic band Slipknot!
  • Both Skarlett Riot & Midnite City have been announced in the first wave of bands performing at Call To The Wild Festival.
  • Cabin Boy Jumped Ship will releasing their brand new album ‘The Heartless’ this month!
  • The Soapgirls are releasing their brand new album ‘Elephant In The Room‘.
  • Bruch released her new single ‘Run & Hide’.
  • The Ronains released their cover of ‘House Of The Rising Sun’
  • Ingested released their brand new EP ‘Call To The Void’
  • Liberty Lies won Best New Wave Band at the Black County Music Awards.
  • MC Spyda released his brand new single ‘Jungle Music’ alongside Benny Page.
  • AC MC released his mini mix alongside MC Fury and DJ Major.
  • Krysthla have been announced to be appearing at this year’s Uprising Festival
  • Dead Label released their brand new single ‘Triggered’
  • Hydra Lerna released her brand new single ‘In The Dark’
  • Take Today released their single ‘Lifeline’
  • Wolf Jaw released their brand new single ‘Hear Me’
  • Words That Burn released their brand new album ‘Pyres’.
  • Natty Campbell was featured in Chase And Status’s brand new track ‘Cool N Crisp’.
  • Conjurer have announced that they will be releasing their next album through Nuclear Blast
  • Dendera will be performing alongside power metal titans Demons & Wizards
  • Sodomized Cadaver will be making Irish debut as they perform at Monuments Festival Headlined by Rotting Christ
  • Extreme Noise Terror will be heading to Spain for Extiercool Extreme Festival!
  • Whos Molly appeared on BBC Radio 5 with host Laura Whitman.
  • The Strays have released their brand music video for ‘Night Time is the Right Time’.
  • Siderian released their brand new music video for ‘The Supplicant’.
  • Morass Of Molasses released their brand new album ‘The Ties That Bind’.
  • Angus Gil will be releasing his new single ‘Welcome To My Heart’.
  • Scordatura premiere their new music video for ‘World Devoured’.
  • The Kaizens released their brand new single ‘Some People’.
  • Verity White has announced tour dates!

From this point forward, we felt it would be more appropriate to do a showcase once every month, I can promise when we enter the heart of August, it’s going to be a blast!

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Written by Dan Manley

Love for all things heavy, Dan is a big fan of the metal scene! Keep an eye out at your local festival, you see a man in a Vocalzone Tee, chances are it's Dan Manley! Endorsements Co-Ordinator at VZ