Tearing up venues with infectious groove and ferocious vocals is Siderian.

Formed in Northampton, UK in March 2015, metal band Siderian smashed out a groove-filled debut EP within three months of forming, followed by a unique music video for lead single Reduced Aisle in early 2016. The austerity-bashing stand alone single Noses in the Trough was released later in the year.

Watch Siderian’s brand new music for ‘The Supplicant’

Following a number of line-up changes the band reconvened in 2017, releasing the track Lizard Method Statement early in the year; the track showcasing a hugely progressive evolution of the band’s sound. Their aim of making everything faster, thrashier and more complex continued with the release of the critically acclaimed track Oleum in February 2018. A full album is in the works.

Watch the video for ‘Oleum’ below!

Live the band have been raging up and down the UK for around 2 years and have played with the likes of Krysthla, Wars, Black Coast, Shields, Gehtika, Lifer and Jonestown to name a few. They are renowned for delivering a brutal live set that will capture the audience throughout, one breakdown and blast beat at a time.

Let’s see what Dave Pope has to say about Vocalzone!

“I take pride in my vocal performance, both live and on record and strive to take care of my voice, which admittedly takes a bit of a hammering due to my intense vocal style. I have been utilising Vocalzone Throat Pastilles since the inception of the band in 2015 and have found them to be of immense value, soothing my vocal chords after long practice sessions and setting me up to be ready to go onstage. I wouldn’t use any other product given the positive experience I have had to date.”

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