Ryders Creed

The story of Ryders Creed is a prime example of an unfortunate situation becoming one of the most incredible blessings that 5 lads from the Midlands would ever know! 

Back in May 2016, Ryan Hulme (Vocals), Myles Cooper (Guitar & Vocals), and Richard Clark (Bass), were members of a band called Black Rose Cadillac. After their sudden and unexpected split mid-May, the lads found themselves with a great many booked commitments, so instead of cancelling all of those shows and letting down many different promoters and venues, they contacted Lee Gilbert, who immediately agreed to be their new drummer, and Lee Hicks-Spencer (former roadie for BRC), who agreed to be their new guitarist.

The band played a blinding 45 minute set supporting Stone Broken comprising of mostly the BRC songs (the ones that they still owned rights to), and came off stage knowing that they had found something that was on a whole new level to what they’d ever experienced before… this was the start of something huge!

The first step on this thousand mile journey had been taken. Ryders Creed were back on the stage again within a week to play Staffs Fest 2017, their second show, wowing the crowds and attracting some extremely positive attention from local newspapers (including The Staffordshire Newsletter) and local radio station, Stafford FM.

RYDERS CREED continued to gig and push as much online content out into the world as they could, always keeping the fans informed and entertained.

Check out Ryders Creed brand new single ‘My Life’ below.

It wasn’t long before the lads entered Hard Rock Hell’s Highway To Hell BOTB competition. 20 minutes of pure hard rocking energy burst out of them, leaving the crowd hungry for more, and a few hours later it was revealed that Ryders Creed were the winners of HRH’s Highway To Hell 2017!

Within 4 months of being a band, Ryders Creed were now looking at a 5 year, 2 album worldwide licensing deal with Off Yer Rocka Recordings, an opening slot on the Main Stage of HRH11 in Wales, a slot on the 2018 HRH Road Trip tour in Ibiza, and a whole bunch of awesome perks that came with it! They honestly couldn’t believe it… it all happened so fast, and every step of the way just felt like they were rising up, to bigger and better things!

Get five lads from Ryders Creed, lock them in a room full of instruments and they will be sure to ‘Raise The Hoof’!

October 2017 was a very good month for the boys in the band, as this was the month of the Status Quo Fan Club Convention at Butlins, Minehead. 3 whole days of music, beer, incredible accommodation, beaches, pubs, great food, amazing people and so much more! They had the time of their lives, opened the whole event and sold a lot of merch over the weekend! The fan count continued to rise…

Just when RC thought that it couldn’t get any better for them at that stage in their career, they found out that they had been nominated for the “Young Blood” Award at the 1st EVER Hard Rock Hell Awards show, with bands like Skindred and Twisted Sister, musicians like Zakk Wilde, festivals like Download and Wacken, along with so many more all nominated for different awards!

RYDERS CREED soon set to work on writing and completeling a few more original songs, getting their set tight, polished and ready for HRH11 where they are set to share the Main Stage with artists such as Airbourne, Black Star Riders, Dee Snider and Toseland!

Since the end of 2019, Ryders Creed are now a 4 piece band and have been self-managed since June 2020. Their highly aniticpated 2nd album ‘Lost Souls’ was released during lockdown in May 2020 and are currently on The Lost Souls Tour.


Let’s see what Ryan Antony Hulme has to say about Vocalzone!

“Since before I can remember I’ve been a singer, but it wasn’t until I was 15 that I was introduced to Vocalzone. I am now in my 20s and at every gig, every festival, every tour, every studio session, everything I do and everywhere I go with my band, I carry with me my Vocalzones! I swear by these little black beauties, and they have kept my throat clear, kept my voice strong, allowed me to feel confident before I go on stage and looked after when I come off stage. Love them!”

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