Hydra Lerna


Hydra Lerna is a singer/songwriter and harpist, but also an electronic pop music producer.

A one-girl-show (and qualified studio engineer), Hydra writes, records and produces all her music herself. Her lives shows are always intriguing, with the harp on the left of the stage, manipulated through a loop and multi-FX pedal, and her laptop and novation launchpad on the right; she operates both sides, all while singing her often dark and captivating lyrics.

Listen to Hydra Lerna’s latest single ‘In The Dark’ below.

At 23 years old, Hydra Lerna has supported/opened for artists including JP Cooper, Mullally, Billy Lockett, Let’s Eat Grandma and Meadowlark. Having played headline shows in her hometown of Norwich and neighbouring Ipswich, Hydra Lerna seeks to continue playing around the UK. You can find all of Hydra Lerna’s music, including unreleased demos on www.soundcloud.com/hydralernamusic . Otherwise, her music is on most streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music and GooglePlay

Let’s see what Hydra Lerna has to say about Vocalzone!

“I think I have 3 packets of Vocalzone pastilles on the go at the moment; one in my harp case, one in my laptop bag, and one in my cable box! It’s good to know that I have something that really works if I feel my throat needs a bit of a boost before I sing, and it means I can go on stage without worrying about my voice. If I am particularly anxious, I make sure to take some Vocalzone tea with me as extra relief before a show, so I know I can sing my best.”