Ashley Edison


Making power metal anthems with lightning, Here’s Ashley Edison!

Singing since the age of 3, Ashley has fronted Dendera since 2010. In the early stages of the band Dendera wrote what would become their 2011 EP. Ashley Edison took over as lead vocals in 2010 following a 6-month search for a lead singer. Ashley’s vocals lifted the band to a new level giving Dendera the much needed status they deserved, with vocals shadowing Iron Maidens Bruce dickinson and Judas Priests Rob Halford

Don’t take my word for it, have a listen for yourself in Dendera’s song “Claim Our Throne” Below

Dendera released their debut EP ‘We Must Fight’ in October 2011. Full of explosive drums, massive riffs, truly epic vocals, and a keen sense of melody, Dendera have stamped their own authority on top of a classic metal vibe. The result is a fantastic EP that has been very well received by the likes of Terrorizer magazine, who featured the track ‘Bridges Will Burn’ on its December 2011 issue cover mount CD, and rightfully tipped Dendera as a band to watch in the next few years before being asked to front Power Metal veterans Power Quest early in 2016( who have returned from a 3 year hiatus).

Having toured with acts such as Saxon, Queensryche, Anvil, Skindred and many others, Ashley has a wealth of experience on the stage playing to large crowds. Dendera have released 2 EP’s and 2 full albums, while Power Quest have released an EP with Ashley at the helm and are soon to be releasing a new album titled ‘The Sixth Dimension‘ in 2017.

From Powerquest’s Most recent album ‘Sixth Dimension’ comes the second single ‘Lords Of Tomorrow’

Lets see what Ashley Edison has to say about Vocalzone!

“I have been using Vocalzone products religiously now for several years. Whether its before a show or a rehearsal, I rely on these to help me perform at my best. So I am incredibly happy to be part of the Vocalzone family”

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