Take a dive with MSRY and jump in the pit!

Formed in the cold winter of November 2016 by vocalist Kial Churcher and drummer Keir French, MSRY is the result of a dying scene taken from the grave, washed off in a bleak shower of misery and given reason to live through sheer force of will and perseverance. Enlisting the help of guitarist Charlie Bishop to round out the 3-piece’s Metalic Hardcore-sound.

While other bands strive to be the most technical and proficient at their craft, MSRY sought to be known for their over-the-top live performances, combining a DIY ethic and complete disregard for their own well being and safety. Taking influence from Cancer Bats, Stray From The Path and The Ghost Inside both sonically and in a live environment, they bring a noise quoted as “The soundtrack to rearranging furniture with a sledgehammer and Semtex”.

From their debut EP comes the mirror smashing track ‘Death Of A Party’

Taking the first half of 2017 self-recording and publishing their first self-titled EP ‘MSRY’ before embarking on a 2-week tour and hitting as many venues and crowds as humanly possible. Already having the pleasure of supporting the likes of Employed to Serve and Press To Meco, and being picked up by BBC Introducing as an act to watch in the future, 2018 looks to be a year of extensive touring and picking up steam from where 2017 left off.

Let’s see what Kial Churcher has to say about Vocalzone!

“After screaming out demons for years, there’s only so much you can do to take care of your voice and keep it in top conditioning. During a recent video shoot and show my voice had become incredibly strained, and having tried every alternative I could think of a friend suggested Vocalzone.”

“To say the very least it was like a miracle cure was handed to me, not only did I feel and hear my voice getting better, I started to feel better due to the soothing nature of the pastilles.”

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