Since 2014 Post Sludge Metalheads Conjurer have been laying waste to the south.

The future of British extreme progressive metal lies in safe hands with the debut LP from Conjurer – Mire. A stunning listen, combining Opeth at their heaviest and most dynamic, Mastodon at their earliest, Gojira at their most venomous, Mire is a step up from a young band who are already being championed as ones to watch.

From the album of the same name comes ‘Mire’

Equal turns bleak, dark, stark, and beautiful, The Mire is an album which makes true the cliché “a journey of a listen”. From the apocalyptic opener ‘Choke’ to the haunting soundscapes within the eponymous track, this LP is as impressive in its power as in its multi-layered dynamism.

Like a buzzsaw to heart is ‘Scorn’ from their EP ‘I’.

Led by the dual vocal/guitar attack of Dan Nightingale and Brady Deeprose, Conjurer are a band who are already attracting attention from the metal press and industry. The band have an impressive touring history, despite still being at the very beginning of their journey. Tours with Weedeater, OHHMS, shows with Employed To Serve, Venom Prison, Oathbreaker, and festival appearances at Bloodstock Open Air, Damnation Fest, UK Tech Fest, Doom Over London and more besides place Conjurer in rarefied but highly deserved company.

Let’s see what Brady Deeprose has to say about Vocalzone!

“I believe in the product – we played at Bloodstock Festival in 2016 and I was really ill, Vocalzone was on offer backstage and pretty much saved my voice for the show!”

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