These Slam Kings of Manchester have left nothing but desolation since their awakening.

Since their formation in 2006 Ingested has toured throughout Europe and North America with bands such as The Black Dahlia Murder, The Faceless and Carnifex, 3 Inches of Blood at Bonecrusher fest.  Ingested released their debut album called Surpassing the Boundaries of Human Suffering in June 2009 and it is widely regarded as a brutal death metal classic.

In 2010 Ingested toured throughout Europe for the first time as part of the Bonecrusher Fest which was headlined by The Black Dahlia Murder and supported by Carnifex, 3 Inches of Blood and The Faceless. Tours alongside acts like Annotations of an Autopsy and Martyr Defiled as well as festival appearances at Ghostfest, Extremefest and Obscene Extreme followed.

Listen to Ingested’s brand new track ‘Mouth Of The Abyss’ below!

Two years later Ingested released their second record The Surreption via Siege of Amida. An EP followed in 2013 called Revered by No One, Feared by All. After signing to Century Media the band released their third full-length album The Architect of Extinction in 2015.

Later the same year, The US felt Ingested’s presence for the first time ever in the Autumn of 2015 on the Devastation on the Nation tour. They were supporting other extreme metal bands like Origin, Krisuin, Aeon, Alterbeast and Soreption. A year later, Ingested was a part of Summer Slaughter 2016 alongside Cannibal Corpse, Nile, Suffocation, Revocation, and After The Burial.

Two years later Ingested released their fourth album ‘The Level Above Human’ which has been released to great acclaim from fans and critics alike worldwide including Metal Hammer, Metal Injection, Kerrang and more! In support for The Level Above Human, the band did their first full USA headliner in the Spring of 2018 with Signs of the Swarm and Bodysnatcher.

Also from ‘The Level Above Human’ comes ‘Invidious’.  

New album The Level Above Human sold more than 1,100 copies in the US first week and debuted at #135 on Billboard Top Current Albums, #5 on Heatseeker Albums, #16 on Hard Rock Albums, #30 on Top Independent Albums, and #46 on the Rock Album charts.

Let’s have a look at some reviews of the latest album!

“The music exudes a sincere murderous vibe, rife with chaos and savagery. 8/10” Metal Injection

“You’re going home in a Slambuance! 9/10”Metal Hammer

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