Ollie Wride


Also known as lead vocalist for San Francisco, synth pop act FM-84.

Ollie Wride made a name for himself following the 2016 cult hit “Running In The Night”. Now embodying the role of the otherworldly outsider, the electronic adventurer and the underdog – provided a vehicle for electro-pop songs that are more than a nostalgia trip but the story concept of the entertainers hope and failure.

In case you are wondering what Ollie sounds like listen to ‘Running In The Night’ below!

Retro beats, soaring synths, sun-kissed guitars and epic vocal performances provided by Ollie Wride, comprise the ingredients for San Francisco based SynthPop act FM-84.

Attaining cult status following their hugely successful 2016 LP “Atlas” with fans and critics alike, FM-84 are among the forerunners of the ever-growing “synth-wave” scene. Described as the sound of a summer long gone, comprised of San Francisco producer Col Bennett and Brighton singer/songwriter Ollie Wride the pair cemented their unique brand of new retro pop after selling out their 2 first live appearances as an act in 2017 in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Never Stop is another solid release from FM-84, accompanied by Ollie Wride. Listen below!

Let’s see what Ollie Wride has to say about Vocalzone!

Vocalzone is the true singer’s elixir, is a must-have for all who flex their pipes, whether you’re starting out or perform professionally, they are without a doubt my first and only option I can consistently rely on, to provide me with the clarity, stability and relief during extensive and demanding tours. I never leave for a show without them and neither should you! 

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