Teddy Rocks Festival: What’s To Come This Weekend


This week we will be heading to Blandford for the incredible event that is Teddy Rocks Festival,

Growing from a single night in the greyhound pub to a full three-day festival in only a few years, Teddy Rocks gathers a vast array of artists from all genres of music to help fight children’s cancer with rock.

After last year’s incredible festival over £250,000 pounds has been made to date for the fight against Children’s Cancer, and we expect much more in the years to come!

In this short article, we hope to showcase a few of the VZ Artists that will be performing throughout the weekend contributing to this amazing event!

Our Hollow, Our Home

Kickstarting the weekend by being the last band on the Friday night Vocalzone Stage are Teddy Rocks Veterens Our Hollow, Our Home. This Metalcore outfit from Southampton have constantly pushed the boundaries of their live performances. Following their ‘Shape Of You’ cover receiving BBC Radio 1 airplay and the release of their critically acclaimed album “IN MOMENT // IN MEMORY”, they have become prominent faces in not only the Southcoast but throughout the UK and beyond.

Listen To ‘Wraiths’ below

Dream State

Dream State are also veterans to the fields of Teddy Rocks. Hailing from south-west Wales, Dream State exploded after the release of their hit single ‘White Lies’ in 2017. Since then they have released their successful EP ‘Recovery’, signed with Australian Record label UNFD, Played major festivals in the UK and Abroad and are planning to release their debut album incredibly soon! Keep an eye on these rising superstars.

Listen To ‘Hand In Hand’ below

I’ The Mapmaker

Also hailing from Southampton are I’ The Mapmaker, who have already claimed a name among Teddy Rocks performers over the last two years. They are also well known in the local metalcore scene having performed with likes of Deez Nutz, Napolean and Casey to name a few as well as just concluding a short tour with Hardbringer. We’ve seen these guys multiple times and they have never failed to impress.

Listen to ‘Disbelief’ below which also features Justine Jones from Employed To Serve

Black Orchid Empire

Already a juggernaut in alternative rock as they plan to play multiple festivals this summer, Black Orchid Empire will be hitting the main stage on Saturday. Since joining Long Branch Records, Black Orchid Empire are getting closer to becoming that household name they desperately deserve to be. They’ve already shared a stage with the likes of Biffy Clyro and Skunk Anansie to name a few.

Watch ‘My Favorite Stranger’ below.

Wolf Jaw

Formerly known as ‘The Bad Flowers’, trio Wolf Jaw have made their territorial marks in The Black Country over the last few years with a unique take on classic rock. Having supported the likes of Stone Broken and Crobot in the past (and foretold in the future), this pack is bound for teddy rocks with a ravenous hunger for the stage.

Listen to ‘I Lose My Mind’ below.

Youth Killed It

Filling the pop-punk void in this article is Youth Killed It. These relative newcomers will be gracing Teddy Rocks Festival for the first time this year. They’ve been dubbed as ‘Indie Punk’ which you can understand when listening to their album ‘What’s So Great Britian?’. The record has a nostalgic sound of a once golden era in British music.

Watch the music video for ‘Headbutt’ below.

Wolf Culture

Wolf Culture are a Bournemouth based band – Everyone likes a local hero! This relatively new outfit have already gained traction from various magazines since their formation. They have also recently released their EP ‘The Devil Has Plans For Idle Hands’ and returned from a European tour supporting Tonight Alive. With this in mind we have high hopes for Wolf Culture!

Watch the video for ‘The Side Effects Of Being Happy’ below.

As Flames Rise

From the calm hills of the Jurassic Coast comes a fire ready to engulf all who attend; As Flames Rise! Hot off the release of their EP ‘Beginnings’ this Metalcore gang return to the Teddy Rocks stage this year.

Listen to ‘Rotten Branches’ below.

Naked Sunday

Last but by no means least, here is something special. Some of you may remember a few months ago that we ran a small competition (and the problems that came with it.) However, despite all odds after 200 entries, Naked Sunday came out on top! This small Glam rock band from Staffordshire has promised to give it their all in what will be an incredible weekend for all!

Watch ‘Unbreakable’ below!

Find out more of the Teddy Rocks line-up and activities here

Written by Dan Manley

Love for all things heavy, Dan is a big fan of the metal scene! Keep an eye out at your local festival, you see a man in a Vocalzone Tee, chances are it's Dan Manley! Endorsements Co-Ordinator at VZ