Back to The 90’s – 10 TV Show Actors That’ll Cheer You Up

The 90’s were much simpler times. No Netflix or Hulu, so you had to actually tune into shows every week to catch the new episode. The TV shows at the time were much more light-hearted and really touched the hearts of the audience. So much so that you still find viewers streaming shows from the decade.
One of the reasons why it is considered as a golden time for TV shows was due to the fact that characters in the show were easy to relate to. The audience found it easy not just to relate but also build a relationship with the characters. Which presents us with a segue to the 10 TV show actors from the ’90s that are sure to cheer you up.
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1. Eric Matthews

“Boy Meets World” followed Cory Matthews, Eric’s younger brother, through the trials and tribulation of life. The show which featured 158 episodes saw Cory go from junior high school all the way through college. At the same time, Eric was a major part of the show serving as Cory’s much more attractive older brother. Eric wasn’t the smartest of the bunch but he knew how to muster laughs from the audience easily. From his famous quote, “ Life’s tough, get a helmet,” to Eric cross-dressing in an episode, Eric can lighten even the hardest of your days.

2. Will Smith

Will Smith caught a big break with, “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” which ran for 6 seasons. Even if you haven’t watched the show, you are probably familiar with the intro song which starts off with, “Now this is a story about all about how my life got twisted upside down…” The show is one of those feel-good shows in which Will moves with his Aunt and Uncle in Bel-Air from Philadelphia. Through the 6 seasons, you see Will mature and make fun of his cousin, Carlton, while he is at it. You will find Will get into trouble on and off but the show is one that will make you feel good inside and out.

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3. Steve Urkel

We all try our best not to be too nerdy. But no matter what he did, Steve Urkel couldn’t shake that label off himself in the 90’s “Family Matters.” Well, at least until he made a transformation machine that transformed him into Stefan Urquelle. Steve is constantly looking for affection from Laura Winslow, his neighbour, which he eventually gets. Along the way, you are introduced to the Winslow family and Steve’s interaction with them. Most of the interaction ended with Steve making a mistake which was followed by a, “Did I do that?” Overall, Steve’s antics will have you cracking up throughout the show.

4. Ray Barone

Ray is your average dad who would always come home to a busy household in “Everybody Loves Raymond.” What made the show interesting was the fact that his parents lived across the street along with his older brother. Like most Italian families, the Barone would constantly interfere with Ray and Debra, Ray’s wife, life barging into their homes without prior notice, which made for good television. But it was Ray’s wit and laid back attitude that really drew audiences back in the 90’s- and even to this very day.

5. Chandler Bing

“Friends” with the help of a captivating story about 6 friends in 90’s New York City is one of the most popular sitcoms to date. It featured Chandler Bing who made a name for himself as the witty, sarcastic character on the show. While his career may still be a mystery for most, all we know is he worked with numbers, Chandler knew how to make the audience laugh. He was the goofball that touched the hearts of millions of viewers.

6. Uncle Jesse

Who wouldn’t wish they had a cool, suave uncle like Uncle Jesse from “Full House.” The handsome yet caring Uncle Jesse helped Danny Tanner raise his three daughters along with Uncle Joey. Jesse might have had some troubles initially especially when it came to taking care of baby Michelle. He eventually got the hang of it having twins of his own with Danny’s co-anchor Rebecca Donaldson. Oh, and did we forget he can sing and loves Elvis and the Beach Boys?

7. George Constanza

“Seinfeld” was one of the top shows of the 90’s and we could have easily featured the entire staff on this list. However, we felt that the paranoid, cheap, and slow-witted George Constanza was ideal for the list. In a show that featured one of the greatest stand up comedians in Jerry Seinfeld, George really holds up his own. You always find him in weird scenarios, and he has ridiculous ways of going about them. All of which makes for great TV.

8. Topanga Lawrence

Topanga from “Boy Meets World” was every teenager’s crush who grew up in the 90’s. Not just that, but we all wished we could have a relationship similar to what Topanga and Cory had. And if you enjoy this sweet romantic relationship, you can look into watching the best silver screen pairings to date. These two grew up together, became a couple in junior high and went to get married. While she started off as a bit eccentric, she really grew into her role. In an episode, she even cut her hair to prove to Cory that there is more to looks than good hair. She did eventually flip out and ended up going to the salon to get her hair done. The relationship between her and Cory through the course of the show will soften the hardest of hearts.

9. Doug Heffernan

Doug is your average IPS delivery man in “The King of Queens.” The show follows him and his wife, Carrie, in their daily lives. Doug tends to find himself in one funny situation after another and he finds unconventional ways to get out of them which makes for some fun TV. This show was iconic for children back in the 90’s (even if all of the innuendos weren’t fully understood!)

10. Homer Simpson

Oh, what would “The Simpsons” be without Homer? He isn’t the brightest guy which makes you wonder how he ever got a job working at a Nuclear power plant? From his famous, “Doh!” to his drunken tirades, Homer certainly knows how to keep the audience entertained.

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