Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid in Musical Theatre Auditions


Auditioning for a musical theatre role can be a nerve wracking experience. The place itself can be intimidating and figuring out how to navigate musical auditions successfully can take some time. Believe me you are not alone! It is normal to feel stressed, balancing a busy life and a career can be difficult for anybody but as long as you can find time to prepare, you can’t go wrong!

In an audition it can seem like there’s very little you can control but there are some things that you can. Here are top five things to avoid at your next musical theatre audition and the reason why you should, so you have a successful audition!

Not warming up

Warming up is probably the most important thing, and if you don’t you are probably making a big mistake. Many singers warm up their voices before they sing but many do forget that their body is connected to their voice. (Tip: if you warm your body first, your voice will warm up faster!) Since it’s a musical theatre audition it is vital to warm up both. Tension in your body is a singer’s and actors worst enemy!

Lack of mental preparation

YOU MUST BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!  If you don’t who will? When you have an audition leave all your troubles, insecurities, pessimism, self – criticism outside of the audition room. If you bring that in the room none of it will help you. You should plan on how you will take control of your thoughts and find what will make you focus on positive energy. If you need extra help there are tools available, so before the audition do some research or find a great coach who will teach you how to be prepared to be your best self in that audition!

Choosing inappropriate songs

You can’t make a mistake there, you must choose a song that makes the judging team remember you and don’t forget to perform with passion from your heart. It is critical especially since you’re auditioning for a musical. The song should be within your vocal range to showcase the particularities of your voice. If the song is too high or too low for you voice chances are you will struggle at some points in the audition to nail a note. The song should make you feel confident!

Focusing on just your voice

In a musical theatre audition having a brilliant voice is a plus, but what gets you the job is how good you are at communicating your personality through the song. This means your acting is just as important if not more. If you as a performer and if you have something to say you are more likely to move us as audience members through your emotional journey. A Singer-Actor’s job is to understand, embody and express a need in the lyrics in a way that is your own by using your heart, mind, body and even your own experience. If you choose to ignore and neglect this very important part of your audition, then let me tell you – you are just another actor who can sing a sweet song.

Bringing inappropriate sheet for your accompanist’s

You really don’t want to make your accompanist’s job hard at your audition. Every audition is like a duet – be clever, make their job easy so they can play the best they can for you. Make sure the sheet of paper is clear and clean, without any dirt or note marks and placed in a non-glare protector with a binder so when they turn the pages it doesn’t fall off the piano. Don’t forget to check that it only contains what you want them to play, it has and what you are going to sing with the correct key for you. Be professional and don’t forget to thank them.


Most importantly if you slip up and make a mistake don’t worry about it. Everyone makes mistakes at one time or another. You ever know, if you make the most of your mistakes, it’s the way you handle yourself might just give you an extra edge! For more tips click here.

Written by Iveta Pilipaviciute

Social Media and Marketing Executive at Vocalzone. In her spare time, she's a lover of dance and cheerleading. At home, she loves a little Netflix in her downtime.