Vocalzone Live Sessions | Natalia Marrokin

After listening to it, you’ll be delighted by her powerful, yet an angelic voice that slides her melodies right into the heart.

Natalia Marrokin is a singer, songwriter, and composer hailing from Mexico City, Mexico.  Growing up in such a gigantic, historical, mystical and modern megalopolis was a never-ending source of delight for young Natalia while living with her parents and her two siblings. At the tender age of eight, everyone around her noticed she had a gift: her singing voice. As her confidence grew, so did her capabilities. From family functions to bigger and more elaborate stages, Natalia’s voice emerged within the deepest vibrations of her spirit and she started to sing religiously, filling the hours with melodic verses that grew in stature and power.

It was such a pleasure to have Natalia in the studio. Here it is ‘I feel Strong’ by Natalia Marrokin.

The singer found her musical influences amidst the peaks of the tallest musical legends: Aretha Franklin, Chaka Khan, Whitney Houston, Donna Summer and Sade just to name a few. Nat, at this point seriously committed, enrolled at Escuela Superior De Música. While enrolled, Natalia won a scholarship to attend Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. Post Berklee, Natalia attended Escuela de Música del Rock a la Palabra. At the age of twenty- three, Natalia has composed her first album, Indigo, which is out now! This signature body of work includes distinct influences of Soul, R&B, Blues & Pop.

Meet Natalia Marrokin herself:
Would it really be a Vocalzone Live Session without a team photo!

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Written by Iveta Pilipaviciute

Social Media and Marketing Executive at Vocalzone. In her spare time, she's a lover of dance and cheerleading. At home, she loves a little Netflix in her downtime.