World Voice Day 2019


Every year World Voice Day is celebrated on 16th April. The event takes place to raise awareness of the important part the voice plays in our everyday lives. Here at Vocalzone we’re very passionate about the voice with all of our products specifically designed to soothe yours!

We thought we’d celebrate by sharing our most popular videos from the V-Team, a group comprised of some of the UK’s most renowned singing teachers and vocal coaches.

Vocalzone Voice Care Tips for Teachers: The Straw Exercise

V-Team member, Chris Johnson explains how a simple exercise like The Straw Exercise can be helpful to teachers when looking after their voice. Although this video was designed with teachers in mind, a teachers’ hectic and often stressful lifestyle has a great deal in common with many other professions or hobbies such as acting and singing. Its easy to complete and can be very quickly integrated within your usual vocal care regime.

Vocal Technique: Airflow and Volume

Learn about the importance of airflow and volume in Episode #9 of our video series for singers. When controlled correctly airflow has the ability to give you nice tone and great stamina and all round vocal health. Chris also explains how, contrary to popular belief we actually need less air flow for higher pitched notes.

Vocal Style: The Art of Listening

In this episode our vocal style expert Joshua Alamu talks about vocal style and how important it is to experiment with new sounds. Watch the video to find out why aspiring singers should listen to a lot of music and have an open-mind when working on their vocal style.

Vocal Syle: Durability and Longevity

Watch the fourth episode of our long-awaited video series for singers and voice professionals presented by the V-Team.

Vocal Technique: Muscle Memory

What is muscle memory and how can you develop it as a singer? Learn about muscle memory in Episode #13 of our video series for singers.

Written by Laura Thomas

Social Media and Marketing Executive at Vocalzone. The Simpsons, The Wicker Man (original!), real crime shows, metal, punk and the new punk (grime)