Vocalzone Myths

Welcome back to the second instalment of our Vocalzone Myths, where we debunk the common misconceptions that surround Vocalzone products and the brand itself. It’s very easy to believe what you read on the internet. There are not many fact checkers about nowadays, so the truth and myth kind of merge together to create plenty of confusion for some. Previously, we discussed Vocalzone and anaesthetic in our ‘Vocalzone Myths: Anaesthetic’ article. To quickly summarise, Vocalzone products contain ZERO anaesthetic agent (unlike the majority of high street throat care brands- but we don’t like to boast…) and won’t numb your throat. Don’t forget to check out that article for a refresh. Here are a few more ‘myths’ we want to clear up…

‘Vocalzone Original pastilles have more power than the flavoured pastilles.’ MYTH

Although this would seem to make sense, it isn’t true- merely another myth. All three of our pastille flavours (Original, Blackcurrant Sugar Free and Honey & Lemon) are unique in their taste, but all boast the same refreshing power to boost your throat. The special use of Myrrh Tincture (in each pastille flavour) helps to relieve you of excess mucus, helps to clear congestion problems and aid in breathing troubles. This is through the use of the Myrrh’s anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-catarrhal properties.

We understand that our Original pastille has quite an acquired taste, so don’t be afraid to pick up a pack of more flavoursome pastilles- they all have the same power and benefit for your voice!

‘Menthol is very bad and damaging for your voice.’ MYTH

Menthol is used throughout the whole Vocalzone pastille range, only minimal amounts, however. Although large quantities of menthol can lead to further damage or strain on your voice, the amount that Vocalzone pastilles contain is not enough to numb/negatively affect your throat. Consuming too much menthol can irritate or dry out your throat, whilst also numbing it- causing your pain to ‘disappear’ leading to further vocal damage. However, with such small doses of menthol in each pastille, there is no evidence or research to suggest your voice will be negatively affected by Vocalzones.

‘Vocalzone pastilles and tea have the same effect on your voice.’  MYTH

Again, not true. Although our full tea range is fairly new (don’t forget to check out our new flavours here), some of you, we won’t mention any names, believe that the pastilles work in the same way as the tea- so there’s no point using both. However, the pastilles are designed specifically to relieve irritations due to excessive singing, speaking or smoking. They also soothe dry, irritated throats that often accompany a common cold. As previously mentioned, the hugely beneficial Myrrh Tincture ingredient is the key to the Vocalzone pastille success.

Our tea range does work in a similar way, the secret in our tea is the naturally occurring mucilage within many of its ingredients such as Slippery Elm and Marshmallow Root. This mucilage will coat your throat, which in turn helps to lubricate it. This can be particularly helpful to soothe any discomfort from overuse, and also helps to protect your throat during a performance. A hot, caffeine free drink will also help warm your vocal cords, and is excellent to have before a vocal warm up and/or performance. The steam from your freshly brewed tea and the natural benefits of mint will act as a decongestant, soothe your throat and also help clear your airways.

We suggest, for those who regularly put their voice through plenty of strain, to use a mix of both the pastilles and tea- to achieve the ultimate relaxed throat. Don’t worry, this isn’t a marketing ploy to make our products fly off the shelves, we just believe in the power of Vocalzone and the benefits it can bring to you and your friends.

‘Vocalzone only have one flavour of product.’* MYTH

It may be very obvious to you that we have a range of three flavours of pastilles and three flavours of tea (especially after the shameless plugging throughout this article). Yet, there’s a common belief out there that Vocalzone only supply the Original pastilles and nothing else. This may be due to the fact that our full product range is not available in all high street stores- if you can’t see a physical product, you may not believe that it exists. Fair enough. Our full range of products is available through our website, so if you do want to mix it up and try a different flavour- you know where to find us!

*We’ll blame this one on the marketing team…

Range Forest Vocalzone

‘Vocalzone is a big corporation run by executive fat cats.’ MYTH

Nope, we’re not a heartless, tax evading billion pound company that have hundreds of brands under our belts. Instead, we’re simply a small team of 7 who take care of all the day-to-day doings of the business. Our hard workers are often piled under with work, but it’s worth it to be a local, family business that boasts a popular throat care brand (which by the way, has been about since 1912!).

Written by Arron Thomas-Perry