Vocalzone Myths: Anaesthetic

Welcome to the first instalment of our ‘Vocalzone Myths’, where we debunk the common misconceptions about what the Vocalzone brand and its products carry. We feel it’s best to clear the air and make sure you know exactly what you’re getting with our fabulous Vocalzone pastilles and tea range. First up, we’re going to be tackling anaesthetic.

Hands up if you’ve ever heard someone say ‘Vocalzone numbs your throat leading to further damage’ or ‘Vocalzone products can cause you to sing through pain and hurt your voice’. Well, we hate to break it to you (we love it really), but these statements are in fact, false. It isn’t a rare assumption that Vocalzone pastilles can numb your throat. If this were the case, your throat pain would be relieved or ‘hidden’ giving you the false sense of a healthy throat. Yet really, your throat has just been temporarily numbed, causing you no pain and masks any underlying vocal damage . Therefore you continue to strain your voice through singing, shouting, talking etc. The repercussions of this can be serious, if you can’t feel the damage that you’re doing to your throat then nothing will stop you from destroying your vocal cords. Unfortunately, the majority of our competitors contain plenty of anaesthetic agents- not that we’ll name and shame them, but we suggest you stray away from these…

A good analogy for this is putting your hand on a hot stove. Once you feel the burn, you know to pull your hand away. But what if you had no nerve endings in your hands, or your hand was numb? You could keep your hand on the stove for as long as you like without feeling any pain, but we all know the real damage you would be doing to your poor hand.

It’s okay guys, we understand why you would think that Vocalzone products numb your throat (we’re not angry, we’re just disappointed). The numbing agent, regularly associated with throat lozenges, is more often than not a type of anaesthetic. You know, similar to the one you get at the dentist so you can’t feel a pair of giant metal claws ripping your teeth from your gums? Unlike Vocalzone pastilles, many popular throat care brands use an anaesthetic agent as a shortcut for ‘helping’ your voice. These anaesthetic agents come with all sorts of different names, here are a few to watch out for; Benzocaine, Tyrothricin, Dichlorobenzyl alcohol, Amylmetacresol, etc.

If you’re a singer, actor, presenter or anybody who regularly relies on their voice, you’ll know the damage that can be done by numbing your throat. We strongly advise you to steer clear of any throat lozenge containing an anaesthetic agent- but we hope Vocalzone pastilles are the only throat care lozenge for you!

Vocalzone products contain natural and herbal products that are known to cause no lasting damage or hindrance to your throat/voice. Our pastilles work by soothing and relieving any throat irritation you may have, we don’t mask the pain. If you do have any underlying vocal injury, we suggest that you contact your local GP or doctor- leave the important stuff down to the experts!

Written by Arron Thomas-Perry