What Confidence Is And How To Get It Instantly When You Sing

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Our guest blogger Gary Albert Hughes takes you through his advice for boosting your self-confidence as a singer.

The top number one thing all singers want is CONFIDENCE.

You get told left, right and centre:

“You just need more condience”

“Just walk out there confidently”

“Find your inner confidence”

Yet it isn’t always that easy and most of the time it feels impossible, doesn’t it?

You’re fine in your singing lesson. You sing great at home. You know you’ve got it. Heck, sometimes you even nail it…

You do your exercises. You make sure you know your lyrics. You steam. You drink water. And you have your trusty Vocalzone pastilles close by, just in case.

Then why is it, after all that, that the inner voice kicks in on the day of your performance, recording or audition?

You know that inner voice. The one that quietly says:

“Are you sure you can do this?”

“Maybe you’re not actually good enough”

“What if this all goes terribly wrong and you just look like a complete fool?”

Sound familiar?

It’s restlessness:

“What if I forget the lyrics?”

“And that high note, what if I crack it?”

“My boy/girlfriend is here tonight, and I SO with they weren’t!”

Ok, ok, I’ll stop. I don’t think you need any more reminding. We all know that voice so very well.

Before I continue, let me introduce myself…

My name is Gary Albert Hughes and I help singers, just like you, to become free from that inner voice that tells you “you’re not good enough” so you can become the powerful performer you know you are deep inside and have the career you really deserve. I’ve been lovingly nicknamed ‘The Nerve Buster’ by my clients. I accept this accolade!

Over the last 12 years I’ve worked with performers all over the world in the West End, Broadway, pop music and film/TV as a Performers Empowerment Coach and I’ve learned a thing or two about confidence, why you lost it and how to get it back. And I am really excited to share with you what I know, and what’s worked for thousands of my clients. Ready? Let’s go!

Confidence is a natural resource that is available to every human being on the planet. And this is how I want you to think of confidence now, as a natural energy that is always available to you.

Now, you know that confidence is natural to you. Shall I tell you how you know this?

Well, I want you to remember the last time you saw a baby on the train, the bus or at your local cafe…

When an adult smiles at a baby, claps their hands and says “coochy coochy coo” (or whatever silly sound we decide to make), think about what the baby does in response.

Does the baby look away, hide behind its hands thinking “please don’t look at me, I don’t feel enough today!”

NO! Of course not! Naturally, the baby smiles and claps their hands because they are naturally confident beings who believe they are worthy and deserving of love, affection and attention.

It is only as the baby grows that they begin to develop those limiting beliefs, that they become shy, that they begin to LOSE THEIR CONFIDENCE.

So where does it go? And why?

Well, the truth i, it doesn’t go anywhere. You simply learned how to turn the tap off, close the door, block the flow.

And the reason you did that is simple…


Innocently and unknowingly. the adults around us would say things like:

“Children should be seen and not heard”
“Well, he loves the sound of his own voice”
“Oh she’s so full of herself”

And most of the time they weren’t even aimed at us. But heard enough times, these belief systems embed into your subconscious mind and you learned to dim your light, hush your voice and lose your confidence.

And the result? Self-criticism. Self-judgement. Comparing yourself to others. A general underlying feeling of not being enough as you are. And ultimately not being able to put in your best performance or sing in the way you know you can.

And isn’t that the most frustrating thing in the world? To step off stage and pull apart every micro-moment. To be on stage thinking “Do these guys like me? Am I doing well? Should I even be doing this?”

And the whole time that natural resource of confidence is there, deep inside just waiting to burst through. Waiting for you to turn on the tap and open the door.

It is a great shame that as a singer you entertain, move and impact others and then go home feeling bad about yourself. This is devastating to me.

I’m on a mission to help as many performers as possible, just like you, to reclaim your confidence, so you can do what you were put on this planet to do; to educate, uplift, inspire and heal your audiences through the power of your performance and feel fabulous about yourself while you do it.

There are 3 simple but very powerful introductory techniques I teach my clients to help them access what I call ‘Confidence on Command’. Sounds good huh?!

These techniques to turn on that tap, to unlock that door. And most of the time it is instant.

I call these techniques:
1. Instant Recall
2. Curious Questions
3. Master Your Meaning & Message

You can use these techniques before, during or after a performance. You can use them individually or do them altogether. You can do them anywhere at any time and they only take a few minutes.

I’d love you to have these techniques forever so you never forget them.

That’s why I’ve put them into a beautiful e-guide especially for you. CLICK THIS LINK to download your copy of “3 Ways To Feel Confident Instantly When You Sing”. Welcome to your first steps to reclaiming your confidence and start becoming the powerful performer you know you are deep inside!

To Your Success

About The Author – Gary Albert Hughes

Gary has worked with thousands of performers all over the world in the West End, Broadway, pop music and Film/TV to help them reclaim their confidence, self-belief and happiness. He has been working as a vocal coach, hypnotherapist and performers empowerment coach for 12 years after overcoming his own severe panic attacks, stage fright and low self-esteem and going from panic to powerful. Gary is the founder of Mind Body Voice Academy.


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