The V-Team: The Art of Listening


Vocalzone presents The V-Team series, with Josh Alamu who will be covering Vocal Style.

In this episode of the Vocalzone video series, our vocal style expert Joshua Alamu talks about the importance of experimenting with new sounds.

Aspiring singers should listen to lots of different music, get inspired and work on their own style. Having an open-mind and being prepared to make mistakes is another important quality for developing a unique vocal style.

Watch the video and get inspired!

…and if you have any questions for Josh, you can contact him at [email protected]

With over 15 years of experience within the music industry; singing, writing and producing music, Joshua developed many different skill sets within music and education. His 1st choice is to remain dedicated to teaching vocalists and building his experience and ongoing knowledge as a vocal instructor. His passion knows no bounds and his dedication to vocal excellence sees him traveling the world, giving lectures on voice and instructing pop icons as well as nurturing emerging talent for major labels, management companies & TV Shows like ‘The Voice UK’.

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Written by Vocalzone