Meet Josh

With over 15 years of experience within the music industry; singing, writing and producing music, Joshua developed many different skill sets within music and education. His 1st choice is to remain dedicated to teaching vocalists and building his experience and ongoing knowledge as a vocal instructor. His passion knows no bounds and his dedication to vocal excellence sees him traveling the world, giving lectures on voice and instructing pop icons as well as nurturing emerging talent for major labels, management companies & TV Shows like ‘The Voice UK’.

As a hands on vocal consultant Joshua has experience in creating content for global workshops, clinics, courses and programs for effective vocal development and advises clients or institutions on a variety of events/projects, whether it be TV, college, in the recording studio or on tour.

Joshua is the founder of Ultimate Artists -UA. UA an artist development program created by Joshua Alamu and hit songwriter Ali Tennant (Jessie J, JLS, David Guetta). Ultimate Artists sees performers from all over the world congregate in one place for 7 days to receive: development, training, guidance, advice, mentorship and inspiration towards their growth & advancement within the 5 key areas of the music industry: Singing, songwriting, music production, Music business and Musical theatre. For more information on Ultimate Artists, go to:

Joshua absolutely loves Jelly Beans!! So much so that he uses jelly beans to draw an analogy between their various flavours and a range of vocal nuances in his fastest selling online course on Vocal Style!!! 🙂


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Mad About Vocal Style eBook

Josh has also published an eBook about singing techniques called ‘Mad About Vocal Style’ available for purchase on The book has been written with singers and singing teachers in mind who seek to delve deeper into the fundamentals of vocal style and to learn the singing techniques of legendary singers. Joshua breaks these down into easy-to-follow instructions and demonstrates how you can take your voice and songs from Good to Great and Awesome!

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