Funny Vloggers to get you into YouTube-


Watching people (not in a weird way..) is a past time that’s strangely entertaining. Whether this be people watching out on the street or watching your favourite YouTuber stream some squad battles on Fortnite. There’s just something fascinating about observing the lives of people who are better than us: Well, when it comes to gaming anyway.

With so many talented streamers on the worldwide web, it’s difficult to decide who to watch as there is so much competition. So we’ve rounded up our top pick of Youtubers for you guys to binge watch- and hopefully pick up some new gaming techniques too!

Ally Law

Although Mr Law does not post content on gaming or what your typical YouTuber may post, his content is far from generic and boring. Best known for his YouTube videos on parkour, free (very sketchy) solo climbing and ‘overnight’ challenges, Ally is one of the most controversial UK YouTubers around. His stunts such as climbing Manchester City’s Etihad stadium and spending the night in an active water-park have brought his name and face to the attention of the public many times. In fact, he has faced serious fines and court orders over the past few years and has even been banned from many places in his home city of Southampton! The YouTuber’s only aim is to entertain his viewers and you can tell he genuinely loves what he does- he’s definitely not in it for the money (refreshing).

Although we do not condone breaking the law, his parkour videos are certain to put a smile on your face and get your heart racing- especially if you suffer from a fear of heights. The vlogger is currently facing issues with uploading onto YouTube, but if we know Ally Law, this small hindrance will not stop him for long.

Epic Meal Time

For those of you like me who LOVE their food, this is the perfect channel. The name is quite self-explanatory, they make meals but on an epic scale. They put it perfectly themselves ‘we make your dreams come true….then we eat them’, but this channel is more than just your standard cooking show. Would you ever see Jamie Oliver tackle a 100lb ice cream sandwich? Or observe Rick Stein attempt to eat a 1 million calorie lasagne? No. The Canadian group are lead by co-creator, actor and vlogger Harley Morenstein who brings new life and comedic energy to cooking shows. Just a quick tip, make sure not to watch these videos on an empty stomach.

Dodie Clark

Going by the YouTube alias ‘Doddleoddle’ the British singer-songwriter posts both original and cover songs on her channel- most notably her ‘Awkward Duet’ featuring Jon Cozart and her hit original song ‘Would you be so kind?’. The Essex born singer is one of Britain’s most talented YouTubers, she merges together the perfect balance of performing and personality. With Ms Clark, you know you’re in for more than just a singing video- she perfectly adds the bubbliness and confidence needed to make a YouTube video stand out from others (her euphonious vocals are just an added bonus).


I’m sure you’ll all know of this guy, or at least heard his name in the news at some point. Real name Olajide “JJ” Olatunji, the Watford bred YouTuber is best known for his not-so-PC Fifa videos, scary game playthroughs and pranks on his family- featuring his brother Deji (ComedyShortsGamer). Nowadays he’s moved further away from his roots and has ventured into the world of rapping- releasing over 10 songs with his most popular ‘Lamborghini’ track amassing a gobsmacking 100 million views on YouTube. But with 137,000 dislikes, KSI shows that you just can’t please everybody.

What really pushed JJ into the public eye was his entrance into the boxing scene. YouTube ‘beef’ occurs quite regularly in the streaming world, YouTubers with opposing views (to put it nicely) clash over content, friendships and gaming. The streamers often post diss tracks to insult their fellow YouTube ‘friends’, but KSI went one step further and fought American vlogger Logan Paul (if you think KSI is controversial, take a look at this guy) in the ring. You can’t deny venturing from YouTube, to rapping and then to boxing takes some big cojones. The star is clearly multi talented and has rightfully earned all the fame and money he has.


If comedy sketches are your thing then Laura Bubble is for you. The comedic personality regularly updates her YouTube channel with hilarious stand up skits, video blogs and all round great content to make those boring Sundays just a little bit more bearable. The vlogger also does some great work with CBBC, starring in ‘Whoops I Missed The Bus’ and has even helped out with some educational skits for the children’s channel. The London born star has amassed almost 4 million views on YouTube and is well on her way to reaching 50,000 subscribers- after watching just a few of her videos, you can’t argue that she has a serious natural talent for being in front of the camera.

The Slow Mo Guys

Mixing the art of vlogging, science and blowing stuff up can be tricky, but these guys have it nailed down to perfection. They simply execute crazy experiments which are astounding on their own, but then they replay the footage in super slow motion. It’s spectacular what you can witness whilst watching a glass explosion at over 340,000 frames per second. The two creators Gav and Dan have been about for some time, with their channel being created in 2010. It’s safe to say they know what they’re doing! Other videos include; diving into 1000 mousetraps (yikes), a fire tornado in slow motion and a mesmerising droplet collisions at 5000fps.


As funny as they are weird, these two good friends reach new heights in their quest for the most dangerous and stupid YouTube video ever. We say new ‘heights’, but we’re not too sure if getting your head cemented in a microwave or super gluing Yeezys to your feet is really a high. The Brummy duo are extremely dedicated to what they do and their aim of bringing fresh and exciting content to our screens is very admirable. The safety and well being of themselves is just a second thought, however. With an impressive 4.4 million subscribers, the vloggers clearly know how to play the YouTube game and are only going to get bigger. Less physically harming videos include; buying one of every item in a Pound Store, extreme hide and seek in an abandoned factory and spending £2000 on an eBay mystery box- more harmful on their bank accounts!

Written by Arron Thomas-Perry