Mammothfest’ Preview

MammothFest 2017

The titan that is MammothFest is rising!

In the sleepy seaside town that is Brighton, the mammoth has migrated to cause a stampede of catastrophic repercussions bringing with it the force of a few thousand metal-heads ready to have an extreme weekend of debauchery and heavy music!

On friday the 6th of October to sunday the 8th will begin a three day festival of carnage with black, doom and death metal bands.

In this article, we going to give you a small glimpse into the eye of the beast and show what’s to come from this crazy weekend!

Rotting Christ

A band that made the gods weep blood, Rotting Christ from Greece want to show you that they’re flying the flag for black metal as they headline the Black Metal stage Mammoth festival. A band to definitely watch as they’ll bring the darkness with them on their only UK date this year!

Give a listen to ‘Threnody‘ below:

Heathen Deity 

Not only does the call reach all the way to Greece, but also into the heart of the kingdom where Heathen Deity has awoken. Ready to build the altar once again to bring heretics from all over, as they promise to preach only the darkest of incantations.

Listen to ‘Gut The Church‘ below:


Jumping back across the sea to Belgium, post doom metal band Amenra heard the call of the mammoth and have decided to give their ‘Church Of Ra’ (as their followers call themselves), a very particular gift in the form of their latest album ‘Mass VI’ which they will perform at their UK exclusive gig.

here is ‘Children Of The Eye‘ below:

Fleshgod Apocalypse 

Though the mammoths call is mighty, Fleshgod Apocalypse have been conquering the continent, being one of Italy’s most prominent death metal acts inspired by the genre’s greatest bands including Morbid Angel and  Cannibal Corpse. They felt it would only make sense to appear back on the isles one last time in 2017 to ravage!

Listen to ‘Minotaur‘ below:


With the mammoth heading to Brighton as we speak, it’s no surprise that Bournemouth’s Thuum knew their heavy riffs would be very much welcomed by the beast as they use their sludge driven tracks to entrap the many of those who welcome the tides of what’s to come.

Listen to ‘Worthless‘ below:

Seething Akira

The mammoth is no stranger to knowing the way of having a good time, so has invited Portsmouth’s very own Seething Akira to the bar as they know how to get the crowd jumping with their (what’s work?!) party harder lifestyle towards pretty much everything.

Listen to ‘Backlash‘ below featuring Olly Simmons:


They say a mammoth never forgets, and with the insane show that OHHMS did back in 2015, they have been invited back with open arms with their slow but heavy incentive. Two years on, they have released their debut album  called ‘The World’ in which they hope to encase the audience with.

Listen to ‘The World‘ below:

This Is Turin

This Is Turin is a technical metal band from Cheshire in the north west of England who fuse elements of extreme metal which are credited with delivering intense, emotive and passionate live performances which even the mammoth finds impressive.

Listen to ‘The Empty‘ below:

The best thing yet is that this is only a very small glimpse into what’s to come. There are over 50 incredible upcoming bands from all paths of the metal genre performing over the weekend; all there to make the biggest and best metal weekend down on the south coast!

The mammoth can only get bigger, the mammoth can only get better!

Follow Mammothfest to get tickets for an awesome price for what will be an incredible weekend!

Written by Dan Manley

Love for all things heavy, Dan is a big fan of the metal scene! Keep an eye out at your local festival, you see a man in a Vocalzone Tee, chances are it's Dan Manley! Endorsements Co-Ordinator at VZ