Bloodstock Open Air 2018


In exactly two days the biggest independent metal festival in the UK is back for the 13th time, this festival of course is Bloodstock.

15 long years ago in the heart of Derby, Bloodstock festival started as an indoor festival spanning over two days with both Saxon and Orange Goblin headlining the event. Fast forward to the present day and Bloodstock is still an enviable machine churning out three days of pure metal. This year’s headliners are Judas Priest, Gojira and Nightwish showing that there’s no sign of it slowing down any time soon.

Of course you know these names, but seasoned Bloodstock goers will tell you there’s always bands you hear in the distance whilst at the bar; you rush to pick up your pint and find the source of the sound but by the time you find them their set’s nearly finished. That’s where we come in because ten Vocalzone endorsed acts are performing at the festival and we’re sure they’re going to be some of your ‘getting a beer’ bands.

Bloodshot Dawn

Thursday is when the metalheads descend on the festival site catching up with old friends and putting up their tents. The only open stage on the Thursday is the Sophie Lancaster stage giving a glimpse of what’s to come for both newcomers and festival veterans.

One of these bands is none other than Bloodshot Dawn who will have just completed a tour in the far east with Taake. They’ll be bringing their Melodic Death Metal sound which has conquered all who have come across it as they set sail from the south of England.

“We are proud to join the stacked line up for BOA18! This will be our fourth time at the festival and it has become some what of a home. We cannot wait to join the party on Thursday night! Get ready for crazy pits!!!”

Check out ‘Shackled’ below!

Sodomized Cadaver

At Bloodstock you’re almost guaranteed to have a band with a name that turns heads wherever they roam. This year that honour unsurprisingly goes to the welsh outfit Sodomised Cadaver whose music is a dirty and brutal as you can imagine. With both guttural vocals and eardrum-bursting slamming drums, Sodomised Cadaver are exactly the death metal band you would expect.

“We had a blast playing the Jager stage back in 2016 so when we got asked back but this time to play the Sophie Stage we were very pleased. We as a band have been attending Bloodstock for years now and have always enjoyed watching bands on the Sophie stage so to be one of the bands gracing the stage this year is great for us. Expect sheep, sodomy but most importantly expect old school fucking death metal. See you down the front for some Ebola fuelled mayhem.”

Check out ‘Rapid Guttural Disfigurement’ below.


Later on the same day. another bloodstock veteran returns to the fields of battle; the aptly named Reprisal have come back with a distinctive mix of genres. They fuse the ferocity of thrash with a death metal punch. Reprisal have been mentioned By Metal Hammer’s Dom Lawson as being one to watch and they have been a major part of the growing Underground scene in the south with their critically acclaimed debut album ‘Ichneumanity’

“Having made our first appearance on the New Blood Stage in 2014 as Metal 2 The Masses winners, on the back of our Ichneumanity EP, the intervening years have seen a batch of successful tours with the likes of Bloodshot Dawn, Seprevation, Aghast! and Abhorrent Decimation. We’re excited to be invited back to Bloodstock this year to bring our unique blend of thrash and death metal to the Sophie Lancaster Stage where we’ll be showcasing material from our brand new album None Survive The Sun!”

Check out ‘Nephila’ below


Playing the Metal To The Masses stage having won the competition and flying the flag for Wales is Democratus. They’ve been spreading their brand of Melodic Death Metal far and wide since forming in 2014.

“We are truly honoured to represent South Wales and be a part of Bloodstock 2018. We have been there as fans and now we are on the line-up we know our Bloodstock family will bring the noise, bring the pits and bring the fire! Get ready to #democratizebloodstock”

Check out their live performance they did for the final of Metal To The Masses below

Forgotten Remains

Ironically Forgotten Remains are not likely to be forgotten having embedded themselves firmly within the metal scene. The band started rise in Chesterfield with influences like The Haunted and Cannibal Corpse in their hearts. listening to Forgotten remains you can hear both the darkness you’ll find in Scandinavian death metal and the sharp edge of thrash.

“Having won Nottinghamshire’s M2TM in 2015 and having had the honour of playing The New Blood Stage, we are absolutely stoked to be asked to return and play the Sophie Stage. Bloodstock is part of our family and having played and attended as fans, we cannot wait to tear up the stage on the Saturday.”

Check out ‘Morbid Reality’ below.

Dead Label

The next band provide a window into the formidable metal scene of their home city Dublin. Dead Label are known for their groove infused riffs and ferocious vocals. Though already known for their incredible live performances this year they hope to go a step further by breaking the world record for biggest wall of death, so once again they will bring Pure Chaos.

Check out ‘Pure Chaos’ below.


Also adding to the chaos is Metal Hammer Best New Band nominees Conjuruer. Their Critically acclaimed album ‘Mire’ has already been named by some as the best album of the year so far. This Post-Sludge outfit drown the crowd in the filthiest of riffs.

“We’re extremely proud to be returning to Bloodstock to share our new record ‘Mire’ with the assembled hordes. Expect the biggest of riffs and 4 blokes having a lot of fun. And misery. We’re meant to be miserable, right? “

Check out ‘Retch’ below


The final band we will be talking about for Saturday is the 7 headed, 14 legged creature known as Aonia. As with Nightwish the band represents full on Symphonic metal of epic proportions with the classic sound of NWOBHM. This unique mix undoubtedly got them through the Metal To The Masses competition this year!

“We are thrilled to play Bloodstock – we can’t believe it’s actually happening! It’s been a dream of ours for years. We are so proud to have been a part of the Metal 2 the Masses Competition and are incredibly grateful to Bloodstock for everything they do to support the underground metal scene. Massive thanks as well to Rob for giving us this amazing opportunity. We’ve spent years as fans at the festival and are ecstatic to be joining in from the other side! Thank you, Bloodstock – you’re the best!”

Check out ‘Violet Hours’ below.

King Leviathan

Repersenting the town of Bournemouth this year is our old freinds King Leviathan. Leaving their scar on the metal scene with their concoction of Extreme metal the guys first made their appearance at Bloodstock in 2015 after winning the Metal To The Masses for Dorset. They are set for a decadent return on the Sophie Lancaster stage performing rites with only the most unholiest of intent.

“After playing in 2015 on the New Blood Stage, we’ve been yearning to return to Bloodstock to perform, and we cannot wait to be bringing our brand of miserable music to the Sophie Stage! It’s going to be a blast! Thank you to all Vicky, Adam, Simon and all the team for having us back, and we’ll see you all in August!”

Check Out ‘Coffin Swallower’ below.

Doomsday Outlaw

The final band I’ll mention is Derbyshire’s very own Doomsday Outlaw. These renegades first made themselves known to their fans in 2015 with  blues infused rock sharp like snakebite. Just like venom they had quickly spread around the veins of the music scene where they haven’t just lived but have thrived.

“Bloodstock is where it’s at.  We come every year to see the cream of the rock and metal world, and are beyond excited to have the opportunity to get up there are snap some necks ourselves!” 

Check out ‘Bring It Home’ below

The best thing about it though… is that this is just a small showcase of a few of the bands playing this year at Bloodstock Open Air. With every stage promising to include both fan favourites and quickly rising newcomers as they guarantee every Bloodstocker a year to remember!

We will see you there!

Written by Dan Manley

Love for all things heavy, Dan is a big fan of the metal scene! Keep an eye out at your local festival, you see a man in a Vocalzone Tee, chances are it's Dan Manley! Endorsements Co-Ordinator at VZ