Amplified To 100 Percent!


With the weather proving to be a scorcher and the pubs flowing with beer (until all the CO2 runs out!), it’s of no surprise that festival season is upon us!

This weekend I’ll be off to enjoy the sun at Amplified Festival, a relatively new event to the metal calendar, but after having a great time last year, we’re back off to enjoy a weekend of carnage with Therapy? Evil Scarecrow and Soil headlining this years festival.

Amplified only started last year, with headliners such as Puddle Of Mud, Phil Campbell (Formerly of Motorhead) & The Bastard Sons and Reef ending the weekend on high note. Despite the weather trying to get the better of us all, it couldn’t drown our mood, (as we had beer for that). I’ve put together a shortlist of the artists we know are going to electrify the fields of Gloucestershire this weekend, let us know what you think!


Speaking of electrify, the inmates of WARD XVI are on the loose again and have managed to highjack a slot on the G Bar stage on the Sunday and promise to be up to no good. Which is exactly what we want to hear! Trust me when I say they put the madness into music with them sharing their insanity with crowds at festivals such Bloodstock, Hard Rock Hell is well as recently massacring Europe, Amplified promises to be a blood bath (in the best kind of way).


Let’s back track a little bit to the Friday. On the mainstage we have power metal legends Powerquest who since 2001 have been bringing the storm (Hopefully not literally) to stages all over! With singer Ashley Edison who joined in 2016 (also fronts Dendera) they realesed their latest album ‘Sixth Dimension’ to critical acclaim putting them in league with bands such as Dragonforce whom they supported on their worldwide tour is well as Sabaton.

King Creature

From the coasts of Cornwall come a true embodiment of the spirit of hard rock, this comes in the form of King Creature who are riding the current all the way to Amplified for Saturday. It’s been a successful year in which the band signed to Marshall Records, and recorded their debut album.  In previous years, King Creature have supported metal gods such as Motorhead, Megadeth and Hellyeah! just to name a few, and they promise to show that rock isn’t just living..its thriving!

The Kut

It seem to be a breakthrough year for a number of bands. One such breakthrough is rock trio The Kut. Mixing both the rawness of Grunge acts such as L7 and Nirvana with the originality of alt rock bands such as Placebo and Deftones. It’s of no surprise these girls are moving away from their stomping grounds in London, having recently been signed for their debut album,  and a growing reputation for their killer performances (ask the crowd of Download…). For now though, they’re more than happy to show Amplified that they’re here to stay!

Dead Label

Now travelling across from Ireland is none other then Dead Label! With both the ferocity of thrash and compulsion of groove, Dead label have proven themselves time and time again since their inception in 2013. After releasing their debut album ‘Sense Of Slaughter’, Dead Label are to bring something more progressive for their fans which comes in the form of ‘Throne Of Bones’ which became critically acclaimed and their single Pure Chaos being featured in both magazines compilations such as Metal Hammer but also used in promotion for Bloodstock Festival.

Ten Ton Slug

Now as we are all have seen this summer has set the ground on fire with no mud in sight, well that may change with Irish Sludgers Ten Ton Slug on their way! Whilst these Gargantuan’s move slowly through they are steadily gaining momentum and have played with the riff lord himself Zakk Wylde as a support act for Black Label Society as well as Doom legends Conan. They say the slug is hungry and that it shows no mercy. Well I’m hear to tell you that is true. Heed my words.

King Levithan

Its always good to see a local band over years and how they’ve progressed to become a force to be reckoned with. The band in question? King Leviathan! Forming in the seaside town of Bournemouth the band has slowly evolved into a machine of blackened thrash which has engulfed the south with brutal riffs, harsh vocals and occult imagery! The cult will be taking their black mass to the second stage on Sunday!

Chasing Dragons

As the name would suggest, Chasing Dragons are a band formed of fiery fury using multiple genres in which they transfer that energy as they transform what could be quiet audience into a typhon of energy. They proved this last year at amplified as their sound soared across the fields plus also winning the award of album of the year from 11 Is Louder Then 10, so I wouldn’t expect anything less from them!

Mason Hill

Now at any festival you have to have that band that’s brings the classic back to the modern age, with bluesy riffs and powerful vocals of course I’m talking about Mason Hill. These Glaswegians found a home in Frontier Records in which Whitesnake, Toto and Journey also call home, their career is only at a beginning of a peak as Mason Hill is also famous for selling out the cathouse rock club with only a month spare which was previously only done by Anthrax and Black stone Cherry!

The Soap Girls

These twin sisters are attitude incarnate with both catchy choruses and rock as sharp as their wits! First kicking across South Africa to much success they had conquered the southern hemisphere with ease to which they turned their eyes to England where to this day they hope to light the fires of revolution in the hearts of their fans.


It only makes sense that a festival take’s local bands of exceptional talent to be a part of the line-up Proteus heard that call and they answered in all their Glory. Known for their high-Octane performances and breakdowns strong enough to crack bone, Proteus have already seen much success being only a year old with both growing in skill and infamy.


If there is one place known for metal in the UK its Birmingham for spawning the legendary Black Sabbath, Judas Priest and Napalm Death just to name a few. This year Amplified has invited the mighty Thrash band Eradikator to fill those proud wellies! Forming back in 2011 Eradikator have since released two albums as well as performing at multiple festivals including the set they earned at Bloodstock 214 via winning M2TMs competion with face melting riffs and precise brutality.


Ireland has offered a lot this years amplified with both Dead Label and Ten Ton Slug and of course Friday night headliner Therapy? so what’s wrong with one more? Absolutely nothing as far as we are concerned as Animator from the heart of Dublin are here revive us all on the Saturday! With over 12 years of experience these guys were asked to perform alongside Sacred Reich as well as Trivium and Overkill and laid waste to the biggest metal festival in the world Wacken with Thrash as they tackle world order with pure chaos!

Written by Dan Manley

Love for all things heavy, Dan is a big fan of the metal scene! Keep an eye out at your local festival, you see a man in a Vocalzone Tee, chances are it's Dan Manley! Endorsements Co-Ordinator at VZ