Codex Alimentarius – Vocalzone Live Sessions


For our latest Live session, we’ve had a slight change of pace…

Rising from the Southwest, Codex Alimentarius formed in 2009 and within a short time have gained a loyal fan base around the country. Codex have taken a hold of the local music scene and earned high regard from venues, labels and the media; nationally and internationally since hitting the live circuit in September 2010.

Codex, originally formed as a four piece, now boasts six brilliantly talented members. Ray Arrell on vocals, Tristan Kemble, Tim Wright and Elliott Alderman-Boom on guitars, Andrew Dicker on bass and Frank Dennis on drums. Together they have created their individual style, fusing melodic and brutal metal, which has since developed to the bone crushing age it is at now. Infusing groove, thrash and classic into an underground style that leaves the crowd hooked, and hungry for more.

With dates in the calendar for gigs and festivals this year, Codex Alimentarius are going full steam ahead! Their EP, ‘The Hand Of Apophis’ is available now (free for download), whilst their new EP titled ‘The Infinite Growth Paradigm Vs Finite Resources‘ (featuring ‘Arise‘), is on its way and is promised to be absolutely epic.

So if this Live Session has left you craving more, check out the rest of their music, catch them live, and experience first-hand why Codex Alimentarius could be the next big band to take over the UK metal scene.


Written by Vocalzone