Jasmine Abela – Vocalzone Live Sessions

We loved having Jasmine Abela in the Vocalzone Live Session studio. She performed her Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2016 entrance song ‘Alive’, where she placed 6th.

Jasmine have been performing professionally since 2012. She participated in various festivals around Malta and also took part in one international festival were she won the Grand Prix.

In 2015 she was honoured to be one of the main singers during the CHOGM Ceremony in Malta were she perform in front of the Queen alongside the very talented Amber and Matt from Red Electrick and Errol from Airport Impressions.  In 2016, at the age of 16,  Jasmine was one of the finalists for the Malta Eurovision Song Contest with her original song “Alive”. That same year, in September she also performed during Rockestra. In 2018 Jasmine once again was one of the finalists for the Malta Eurovision Song Contest with a different  song “Supernovas”.

Watch the beautiful performance by Jasmine – ‘Alive’

Jasmine has been part of many other events such as: Djamanti Muzikali (Gozo), Djamanti Muzikali (Malta), Gensna (Gozo – forming part of the choir), Gensna (Malta), 50 Years of Maltese Music where she had the opportunity to perform alongside The Three Tenors and established artists including Ira Losco, Christabelle Borg, Olivia Lewis, Georgina Abela and the list goes on…

Meet Jasmine Abela herself here:

Jasmine herself told us she is truly grateful and humbled for being blessed enough to be part of some of the most prestigious events in Malta. Her aim is to keep growing and learning to further improve her artistic skills, so that she can perform and transmit powerful messages through her songs in the best possible way. The course that helps her to achieve more, year after year, is “Ultimate Artist”. Ultimate Artists is a 10 day artist development residential, where industry professionals such as Joshua Alamu, provide mentorship to aspiring artists. The programme has previously been endorsed by Fleur East, and the UA2018 programme will feature special guest JP Cooper.

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Written by Iveta Pilipaviciute

Social Media and Marketing Executive at Vocalzone. In her spare time, she's a lover of dance and cheerleading. At home, she loves a little Netflix in her downtime.