FuryBorn – Vocalzone Live Sessions

These guys from the south are all about Weaponised Melodeath Savagery!

The band from Bournemouth on the South coast of England exploded into the live music scene in April 2011. They quickly gained a reputation for unpredictable and incendiary live performances, pounding audiences into volatile battlegrounds and leaving a trail of broken yet elated casualties in their wake.

FuryBorn launched an aggressive touring campaign throughout the South, grinding several high-profile venues into glass and creating heaps of sweaty, blood-soaked, metal-riddled corpses. This relentless intensity caught the attention of indie label Bored Stiff Records, which oversaw the release of the debut FuryBorn EP, ‘The Reaping Of Our Days’, released globally on 23/1/2012.

Watch the interview with Furyborn below.

Featured amongst the epic tracks on their daring first CD are the ruthlessly aggressive anthems ‘Through Degradation And Decay‘, and the debut music video from the band’This Fury Reborn’,tracks which energised listeners everywhere, with ‘through Degradation and Decay’ being featured on the cover of Metal Hammer magazine, and receiving radio airplay worldwide, probably toppled evil regimes, and generally been hailed as “one sexy messiah-fisting motherfucker of a track”.

In early 2015 the band released what would be their first single ‘A Fault In Our Design’ from the follow up debut album to The Reaping of Our Days ‘Dawn of Leviathan’ then on completion of mixing and mastering the album unleashed the devastating second single ‘I Am Heresy’ to much acclaim.

Live Session: FuryBorn – ‘Dawn of Leviathan’

As you can see, FuryBorn are not a band for the faint hearted, but this was nice meeting these guys, and filming such an awesome live session is exactly why we love the metal community.

So if you, like we were, are now tenaciously driven to find all of FuryBorn material, you can find all of their links below. CHECK THEM OUT NOW.

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